About Me

Why I won’t compromise when it comes to re-wiring your wellbeing

Life’s too precious to spend much of it half-living.

Yet that’s exactly what many people do, as a result of fears, phobias and life-limiting habits.
I know first-hand just how destructive that can be, and that’s why I now devote my life to helping my clients snap out of whatever it is that’s holding them back.

Hypnosis isn’t the kind of stage trick we’ve all watched on the TV. Most of us spend the majority of our time in a hypnotised state, centred on habits good and bad, from drinking and eating too much to smoking and other, even more serious, addictions.

How often do you drive your car from A to B and then wonder what happens in between, because this is such a habitual action that you don’t even notice you’re doing it?

That’s exactly the type of subconscious cycle hypnosis seeks to break. And it’s powerful stuff.
My unique techniques aim to really push the boundaries, helping you to overcome your demons, whatever they are, faster.

While most of my fellow practitioners use gentle, more traditional techniques, I employ a more intensive kind of therapy, designed to make you face things head on and commit to making a change.

My story, my why?

My life could have been very different, if I hadn’t discovered hypnotherapy.
I grew up in the UK in a difficult family environment and went through years of individual and family therapy that didn’t help and culminated in me spending a year in care. All of this really damaged my self-esteem and confidence. I was obese, completely rudderless when it came to my life direction, a sufferer of anxiety before anxiety became a thing.

So I had just about every kind of problem you can imagine and left school early with no qualifications to fall back on. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I knew I definitely needed help.
I tried to kill myself and got taken to hospital. When my dad came to visit me his reaction said it all: he asked me why I couldn’t have done it at a more convenient time, or just gone down to the railway tracks and jumped in front of a train.

A pivotal event

It was during my stint in the children’s home, at the age of 16, that I stumbled across an advert in a Sunday newspaper for a hypnotherapy cassette called ‘Supreme Self Confidence’ by hypnotist Paul McKenna. It caught my eye because I recognised him from his prime time TV show in the UK, and I borrowed the money from my sister to buy the cassette and paid her back in instalments. Somehow, because he was such a familiar persona and could make people sing like Madonna or moonwalk, I believed that what he said would work. When that cassette came through the post, I listened to it from beginning to end and the content of it changed my perception of myself and my approach to living.

It did more for me than 10 years of therapy, and gave me the confidence to plough on and change my life. I then went to work in America when I was 17 and another book I stumbled across while I was there, ‘Executive Power’ by Tony Robbins, cemented it for me. After an eventful stay which saw me fired from the summer camp I was working at and living in Time Square for a few weeks, I read the book cover-to-cover on the way home. I realised that Tony’s approach to helping people through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC), and other related techniques, was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

It was at that point that I decided to study more about the profession and learn how to use it to make a difference. In 2009 I moved from where I was born in North London, to Canada, and decided to make a full-time profession out of my skills.

I’ve spent two decades immersing myself in all manner of related theories, achieving over 30 certifications.

From all this learning, I’ve designed my own therapy formula to help people shortcut their way to a better life. My success as a practitioner has built and built ever since and I now support people of all ages and backgrounds with every conceivable type of mindset-induced problem, from smoking to weight loss, anxiety, pain, addictions, and bed-wetting and behavioural issues among children. I also speak regularly at hypnotherapy expos, do street hypnosis demos to illustrate its power and share insights, examples and ideas on online and social media channels.

No softly softly

There’s nothing namby-pamby about the approach I take. When you come to me for help, I ensure that you commit to making the change you’re looking for. What you’ll experience is fast, in your face, dynamic and provocative – all designed to wake you up from the hypnotic state that is working against your best interests.
This all centres on my ‘Breakthrough Experience’, an intensive half-day in which I encourage you to identify all the things that are not working in your life and cast them off. I then focus on eradicating them, fast, through my short, sharp shock approach. We pick out all the things you want to achieve and ensure you leave with a transformed mindset, focused solely on those goals and what you need to do to achieve them.

Importantly, I know how powerful this stuff is through personal experience. It helped me to get rid of my asthma, drop 80lbs, get fitter and build my personal confidence, so much so that I now think nothing of speaking publicly to large audiences. This made such a difference to me that I didn’t want anyone else to go through the pain I had to.

My sessions aren’t a place to go and moan about what’s wrong with your life in return for sympathy. They enable you to identify what’s wrong but then channel your energy in committing to put it right.
My commitment to you is that if you come to me for help, you will leave changed, so long as you arrive ready to play your part in your own transformation.