Experience Hypnosis for a Fraction of the Price

Who Else Wants to Experience Hypnosis for a Fraction of the Price it costs to work with me?

For the longest time, people would call me up, obviously to work on a problem in their life, to improve their life, whether that was to stop smoking, whether that was to lose weight, overcome anxiety, or get over some kind of physical pain, which was all well and good, and I love looking after those type of people. But, also, sometimes people would just contact me and be like, "Luke, hypnosis seems really interesting. I don't really have any major problems, but I'd kind of like to experience what hypnosis is like." And for the longest time, I quite frankly never worked for those people because there didn't really seem to be a purpose, because really, the purpose of hypnosis, in my opinion up until somewhat recently was, you've got a problem, do you want to overcome it.

Then, I realized I was being quite narrow-minded. I'd attend lots of networking meetings or meet various people and they would be like, as I said before, "I don't really have a problem but I'd really like to experience hypnosis." So, I've put together what I call the taster session. What the taster session is, is one session with me. We're not working on any specific problem, so this is not a therapy session. I want to make that very clear. It's simply for people that want to experience what hypnosis is like, what it entails, experience a hypnotic phenomenon, and just get a real feeling of how powerful hypnosis could be, and a way to perhaps see the world a little bit differently, as Tigra wants to see the world a little bit differently. She's making a cameo appearance, as my cats like to hijack the videos that I make. There you go. Thank you, Tigra.

So, yeah, I put together the taster program, and they're very reasonably priced. It's actually going to be approximately an hour with me, not working on any problem at all, just experiencing the fun, one-on-one with me in a safe environment, experiencing hypnosis and perhaps basically seeing the Matrix for what it is and becoming unplugged, but just having a real fun, good time with it. The investment is $100 for this. It's approximately one hour with me, and I make it very, very reasonably priced, but certainly compared to the other packages that I work with people. So, it's $100, a session with me, just to experience hypnosis, the fun of hypnosis. Again, we are not working on any problems or any specific things, just experiencing the bliss which is hypnosis. If you'd like to experience hypnosis, absolutely no pressure, but just have that lovely experience, then please do respond to the telephone number which is below this video here, or the email address, and we can certainly book a session and give you that experience of hypnosis.

One final thought. You know when you go to Walmart and you line up to potentially pay for your goods... Well, in fact, I do hope you pay for your goods. You shouldn't steal. That's very, very bad. You see lots of those little gift cards, whether it be for Starbucks, McDonald's, or Amazon, or something like that, or you can kind of buy gift cards. And also, some places, you can buy experiences, whether that's a day racing race cars, or shooting targets, or hot air ballooning, if you will. This is how I kind of see this taster session. It's kind of having that experience with me, much like the air balloon, much like the shooting targets, much like the racing Formula One cars around a big track. So, that's kind of what it is. I'd experience it. I'd advise you to experience it. It's a lot of fun. Yeah.

I've been Luke Michael Howard, CHT, clinical hypnotist, and this has been talking about the taster sessions, which are launched right now. And as I like to always say in closing these videos, "Always believe."