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"Are You Trapped By Anxiety... A Panic That Is So Intense & Disabling
That It Is Ruining The Quality Of Your Life?"

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Dear Vancouver Anxiety Sufferer,

No matter what your Anxiety, Phobia, Fear or Panic is regardless of how long you have suffered from it, despite the dreadful limitations it has had on you. It can be cured!
Even better, the cure will not require Drugs, Painful & Long Winded Therapies, Lots of Money, Risking your health, until the treatment finally works.

In Hypnosis together we can help reprogram your unconscious mind & provide you with the tangible tools to delete inappropriate Fear once & for all.

Using a combination of eyes open & closed hypnosis along with other cutting edge sciences to make it possible that most people begin to experience the difference in as little as one session.

What if you really could have control of your emotional states of being without the need of drugs or years of costly & largely ineffective therapy?

Many millions of people today suffer from Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Phobia problems. Recently Lukenosis hypnotherapy Vancouver has been done research about how to treat with these conditions successfully. The phobia disorder is abundant but we are able to significantly help the vast majority of people who come in for therapy.

Phobia disorder or social phobia is the constant fear of being condemned by other people. Hypnotherapy is one of the best way to help the people to overcome these problems.

Luknosis hypnotherapy Vancouver helps the people to focusing and paying attention towards the positive and the good things. We trained people to focus on thoughts that will move them towards the right direction and encouraging them in positive and supportive.

Always Believe,
Luke Howard CHT

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Vancouver 

Many people struggle on a daily basis with a fear that is so intense and debilitating, it is ruining their quality of life. The good news is that no matter how long you have suffered or how crushing it feels when you’re in its grip, you can beat it using proven clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

Research has shown hypnotherapy can relieve anxiety, fear and stress. There’s no need for medication or long-winded, costly therapies, with just a few sessions of my help you can reprogram your subconscious mind and become equipped with a mental toolkit that will enable you to banish the root cause of your fear, anxiety or phobia, as well as its symptoms.

Whatever your particular fear, whether it’s of heights, flying, crowds, spiders, social interaction, public speaking… any type of phobia or anxiety will respond to my treatment, and you’ll see results almost straight away. Some people only require one session and they are practically cured!

The key to success is the deep state of relaxation induced by hypnosis, which allows you to fully focus on the issue and its causes, and open your mind to suggestions on how you can eliminate it. While you are in a hypnotic state, I will be able to teach you new thought patterns to cope with the unwanted feelings and behaviours that you can apply to real-life situations through self-hypnosis.

It’s never too late to try – contact me now for a free, no-obligation chat about how I could help you deal with your fears.
Take a look at some of my success stories of how clients have eliminated their fears and anxieties here.


Client Success Stories


Watch Tania's Story Of Over Coming Social Anxiety Part 1

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anxiety hypnosis Ottawa

Watch Deb Tell You How Her Anxiety Was Healed!

Catching Up With Deb 2 Years After We Healed Her Anxiety!

anxiety hypnotist Ottawa

anxiety hypnosis Ottawa

Catching Up With A Man One Year After Helping Him Overcome He's Anxiety

Needle phobia anxiety Ottawa hypnosis

Watch Joseph Tell He's Story Of Overcoming He's Fear Of Heights

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My Panic Attacks Have Stopped With Hypnosis!

anxiety hypnotherapy Ottawa

My Anxiety And Anger Are Gone!

anxiety hypnotherapy Ottawa

Watch Riva Overcome Her Fear Of Heights

anxiety hypnotherapy Ottawa

Child No Longer Has Performance Anxiety For Baseball!

Social Anxiety Ottawa hypnosisWatch Mike Talk about Overcoming His Fear Of Public Speaking

Social Anxiety Ottawa hypnosis

Watch Lloyd Talk About Overcoming His 60 Year Fear Of Heights

phobias anxiety ottawa

All My Anxiety Problems Have Been Resolved!

anxiety hypnotherapy Ottawa

I've Seen Changes In Just One Session!

hypnotist for anxiety and panic ottawa

For 57 Years I didn't Smile Until I Worked With Luke

anxiety hypnotherapy Ottawa

People Around Me Are Noticing The Changes!

Social Anxiety Ottawa hypnosis

I Learned To Invest In My Mind!

Hypnotherapy for anxiety Ottawa

Yes, Luke Howard CHT! I'm Ready End my Anxiety & Reclaim My Life!

    • Yes! I want to have Control of my Life Back!
    • Yes! I want to really enjoy being in the present moment!
    • Yes! I want be a role model for my Children, Parents, Partner or Friends by showing them its possible!
    • Yes! I want to no longer be triggered by things outside my control.
    • Yes! I want to feel Proud of myself again.
    • Yes! I don't want to be treated as a Social Leper anymore!
    • Yes! I want to be social, have fun and not be obsessed about what I'm what's gong to happen next!
    • Yes! I want to live a Long & Healthy Life!
    • Yes! I no longer want to spend $$$ on Useless Gimmicks like Magical Pills, Self Help Book's, Audios or The Next Thing! That I know deep down don't really work. As They never get to the source of the Anxiety!
  • Yes! I want to become Anxiety FREE right NOW. I've had enough!!! I will book The FREE Screening Call right now! I will apply for The Anxiety Relief Vancouver Hypnosis Program... I can't wait to get started!

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