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"Are You One Of The Millions That Are Suffering From Obesity in Some Form? You've Tried Everything Else But You Can Not Let Go Of The Extra Weight No Matter What? Even When You Finally Do... The Weight Always Comes Back. Are You Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired? Have You Tried Everything Else But Nothing Has Worked? Have You Had Enough? If You Answered YES! Then I Can Help! 


Ottawa weight loss hypnosis

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Complete Ottawa Weight Loss System Hypnosis

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Virtual Gastric Band with Hypnosis


  • Cost effective
  • No complications
  • No invasive surgery
  • No fears about having surgery
  • No chemical anesthetic


But Luke You Don't Know How It Feels To Be Fat!

Ottawa Gastric Band Hypnosis

The hell I do! 65lbs down, 56 Tattoos, 7 Piercing,  A Full Beard And long Hair Later. And yes it's really me!

You see for about 25 years I played the game of...

Lose 50lbs, gain 50lbs annually.

I knew how to train and eat (I ran my city's most searched for Fitness Bootcamp and Personal training company) I was a great trainer but about 50% of the time I was still a Fat Bastard!

The symptom was my weight but dealing with a problem at the symptom level is akin to putting a bandaid on a bullet lodged firmly in your skull. Hoping it will stop bleeding out and sort it's self out all on it's own.

Not a great strategy but... We're told to diet and exercise and that's all that's needed!

It's an outside in approach and fails about 97% of the time!

It wasn't until I developed my inside out approach incorporating hypnosis and many other transformational modalities that I was able to fix this problem once and for all!

Now I am going to help you!

Stomach Size Reduction, With Hypnosis (Virtual Gastric Band Ottawa Without Surgery)

This new and highly successful method of weight loss is increasingly popular in Europe, but little known in the rest of the world. It all started with a woman who was told under hypnosis that her stomach size was much smaller, and she lost a considerable amount of weight!

You will be hypnotized to believe that you have experienced virtual surgery in a hospital, by a skilled surgeon. During the "surgery", Luke Howard CHT will be your hypnotist, so there is no chemical anesthetic in this virtual surgery. You will be told, in Ottawa hypnosis, that your stomach size is smaller and this will make you feel full with small portions. You will be told, in hypnosis that the stomach band making your stomach smaller is automatically self-adjusting so that you lose weight safely, and gradually. Yet, you will always eat enough for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

You will also be given additional hypnotic suggestions to dislike unhealthy foods, and to want to move your body for exercise in a way that is healthy for your physical condition.
Many people report that this type of hypnotic guided imagery is not only far more safe, and more economical than the real surgery, but often far more effective for weight loss. You will also notice that these recordings boost your self-esteem, and helps you to feel more peace of mind and happiness in life.

Some hypnotists provide these hypnotic suggestions in four to five sessions, and charge as high as $10,000+ but never get to the root cause! With my patented system we not only give you the world famous "Hypno Band Surgery" but also the incredibly Power regression to pull out the weed once & for all. Many people have had astounding results with this system.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

Hypnosis is a totally natural experience, which is safe, pleasant and relaxing with predictable results, and a person can converse very easily while hypnotized. In fact, the centuries old technique of hypnosis is being used increasingly as an alternative to orthodox medicine, where it is proving valuable in accelerating healing, relieving stress and controlling pain.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Ottawa has recently been featured in the US media including ABC's Good Morning America, The View, Inside Edition and Dr. Oz:

  • Lose up pound after pound in weeks
  • Shrink belly fat by inches in fast
  • Never suffer hungry moments again
  • Start to reverse obesity in just 24 hours?
  • Simply follow the easy steps
  • Uncover the real weight issue
  • Rediscover and repair inner pain
  • FREE support and interactive system

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Millions of people across the globe want to lose weight and feel lighter, healthier and fitter, but struggle to shift those extra pounds no matter what diet they try, or maybe they do manage to shed them but they soon creep back.

Clinical hypnosis can be the answer to achieving a new-look you, inside and out. I use a tried and tested Virtual Gastric Band Ottawa technique that is cost-effective, with none of the risks associated with actual surgery. It basically retrains your brain and body to be happier with less food, and changes how you think and feel about food. Unlike a diet, this is a long-term solution that doesn’t involve feeling hungry or miserable!

You will be hypnotised to believe that your stomach has been reduced in size and will feel full with small portions, you will dislike unhealthy foods and feel more motivated to exercise. You’ll still eat enough to maintain a healthy body and mind, but will lose weight gradually and safely.

People have achieved amazing results with just a handful of hypnotherapy sessions – see my case studies on how the Virtual Gastric Ottawa band has transformed these people’s lives.
I will help you discover the underlying reasons for your weight gain and apparent inability to manage it, and give you a set of easy-to-follow steps that will take effect immediately.

Here's What FOX News Had To Say About Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis 

Worried About Your Health Due To Being Overweight?


Are you one of the millions of overweight people who are in danger of developing life threatening diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and other serious diseases due to out-of-control weight gain? Are you also one of those that have also considered Gastric Band Surgery?

But maybe the fear of the Gastric Band surgery side-effects is the one thing that stops you losing weight.

Side Effects Like

  • PAIN: Clearly any operation has pain, bruising and discomfort (maybe the thought of having your skin cut open and a surgeon inside you sends a shiver down your spine)
  • INFECTION: All and any surgery carries the risk of injury or infection (there are cases of death post Gastric Band surgery)
  • RECOVERY: It can be a long recovery time with day after day, week after week in bed (maybe you have kids, self employed and simply cannot afford that time off)
  • SICK LEAVE: Would your employer allow you a long period off?
  • COST: The price of surgery private is the price of a car. Can you afford to pay for the surgery? (average costs between $10,000 and $12,000)
If you can admit to yourself you are overweight but have those fears ... I have good news for you.


Here's What ABC News Had To Say About Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis Ottawa

Now You Can Easily... Drop The Pounds You Need To Vanish In Weeks And Reduce Your Waist Size By Inches


Gastric Band Hypnosis

Is that possible? The truth is users of this product are reporting astonishing results. The instant removal of endless need to eat, snack and binge. You will see weight drop off. You will see you body mass get smaller and smaller. No wonder in the first week of release over 1,500 snatched up this incredible offer.

Why It Works?

We believe there are more reasons to losing weight than just reducing foods. Have you seen people lose weight then not long after they appear to be bigger than ever? The main reason for this is - YES - losing weight is achievable using almost anything but long term weight loss has to address the core issues that create the eating habits in the first place. Does that make sense? Food isn't just a hunger thing, it's also an emotional thing. Food comforts and fills a void that is ongoing. The surgery might stop the food going in but cannot address the real reasons for over-eating, binge eating and excess. That's what makes us very, very different and hugely successful. Our program goes deep into the issues that cause your problems in the first place. It answers questions like why does this really happen? When did it begin? How can I stop it happening again. These are core, deep issues that are rarely if ever covered by conventional treatments. We go to the core. This helps you to lose weight and keep off your weight. If you have a fall back into weight problem simply listen again and stop it before it gets out of hand. The fact is... Gastric Band Hypnosis WORKS!

Food Our self-hypnosis program cuts right deep into the core of what your problems really are, where they begin, the problems they are creating for you now and of course how you can eliminate the problem that is creating your obesity in the first place.

I should know; I've seen this and experienced this program in action many, many times over the years and in fact if it wasn't for programs like this I wouldn't be here today. It's a version of this very program that took me personally (Luke Howard CHT) from the confines of a psychiatric hospital and almost taking my own life. That was many years ago. I can happily share with you since those days my life has changed beyond anything I can write here for the better.
Not only has my life unleashed a new sense of being but the lives of clients have done the very same. Not just for weight loss, for relationships, for wealth, for general happiness, for letting painful past go and so much more. I promise you this easy-to-listen to, step-by-step program can and will change everything for you if you allow it to. Everything you need to know is built into the package.

Let me share a little more as to why I am so passionate about this.


Here's What Dr Oz And Paul Mckenna Had To Say About Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis

How Gastric Band Hypnosis Ottawa Came About


I just want to share my very personal story and why I am so passionate about what we share on this page.

I like most people have faced problems. Some big, some not so big, but problems all the same. At times my own problems have frozen me with fear, trapped me and made me unable to move forward.

This of course has caused me more problems in things that the average person takes for granted, we all take for granted.

At one point they got so bad for me, I had to opt for more intensive, more conventional treatments to try and get my own issues fixed.

Honestly, it just never worked for me. Eventually I undertook some training programs that had the same mind-changing affect on myself as what we're offering you today. The programs dug very deep inside of me, got to the root of my long-term, unrecognized problems, helped me to removed the blocks that kept repeating in my life until I got to the stage I am at today.

Successful in most things, my business, my life, my relationships. Yet it was just six years ago when I was at one of my lowest points in my life when I opted for more help.
Now I am at a place where my parents, my friends and my relationships are more than amazing.

That's why I am so passionate about this stuff, how could I fail to pass it on. These changes not only have worked for me, they have worked for others, friends, relatives, clients of mine. Not just in weight but in all areas of life. The changes I have seen in people are huge. I hope now you understand why I am so passionate about this the non-surgical Gastric Band Hypnosis because the truth is, it works! These very same, life-shifting changes are waiting for you today.

I took the science of what had helped me, studied it, worked with experts and create what I know is a program that will transform your life forever - WITHOUT- surgery.

The Benefits For You Are Incredible!

    • Relationships: Better longer lasting relationships

(because your core issues are addressed, you'll find your relationships will LAST)

    • Fitness: Fitter, able to do more than you have ever been able to do in your life.

(when you feel fit you think fit, when you think fit you achieve more, This program creates higher than average achievers)

    • Health: Healthier, I feel incredible, look great and love seeing yourself in the mirror.

(Don't worry I know how you might feel looking in the mirror right now. I promise this program removes that deepest fear and replace it with a more settle way of looking at your life)

    • Sport: Maybe for the first time in my life you'll feel fit enough to play sports and now and then actually win.

(when you can freely run around, chase a ball, use a racket, you'll get a feeling of almost euphoria - this program is designed to help you get there fast!)!

    • Energy: Energy, I have seen clients bursting with so much energy after this program you just won't believe it!

(if it sounds hard for you to imagine I almost guarantee you'll overcome the one thing in your mind that stops you have that self-belief that you can do anything. This program is designed to energize you and it works!)

Here's What CBS News Had To Say About Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis 

Here's What ABC News Had To Say About Gastric Lap Band Hypnosis 

"I Lost 65lbs Working With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis!"

Lost 65lbs Working With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Hypnosis Ottawa
Lost 65lbs Working With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Hypnosis-1 Ottawa

Follow Up With Kathy

"I Lost 15lbs Working In One Session With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis!"

"Jarrod's Honest Review Of Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis!"

"Thank You Luke Howard For Making Me Feel SO Good!"

"I've Lost 14lbs In A Month With Ottawa Gastric Band Hypnosis!"

"The Changes In Me Are Just Mind Boggling Thank You Ottawa Gastric Band Hypnosis!"

"Luke Howard CHt Really Helped Me With My Weight Issues & Self Esteem!"

"It's Truly Empowered Me! 6 Thumbs Up! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Limitations"

"Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis Has Really Helped Me Get My Eating Under Control!"


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"I've Lost 15lbs In A Month On No Diet!"

"I'm Happy!"

Ottawa weight loss hypnosis.

"I Have Portions Control & Have Lost Weight! I Thoroughly Recommend Working With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis!"

"Truly Life Changing!"

"I've Lost 7lbs So Far & AM Excited!"

"I Am Getting Smaller!"

"I Lost 9lbs So Far & Don't Feel Like I'm On A Diet!" 

"I Lost 10lbs In The First Week Working With Luke Howard CHT Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis!"

Follow Up With Michelle

"2 Months In And No More Ice Cream!"

Yes, Luke Howard CHT! I'm Ready To Lose & Save My Life!

    • Yes! I want to have Control of my Life Back!
    • Yes! I want save thousands of $$ each year!
    • Yes! I want be a role model for my Children, Parents, Partner or Friends by showing them its possible!
    • Yes! I want to stop emotional eating.
    • Yes! I want to feel Proud of myself again.
    • Yes! I don't want to be treated as a Social Leper anymore!
    • Yes! I want to be social, have fun and not be obsessed about what I'm eating!
    • Yes! I want to live a Long & Healthy Life!
    • Yes! I no longer want my nails to be Brown & Disgusting
    • Yes! I no longer want to spend $$$ on Useless Gimmicks like Diets or Miracle Supplements or Fitness Equipment That I Use As An Expensive Clothes Hanger! That I know deep down don't really work!
  • Yes! I want to Lose Weight right NOW. I've had enough!!! I will book The FREE Screening Call right now! I will apply for The Virtual Gastric Band Ottawa Hypnosis Program... I can't wait to get started!

Ottawa gastric band hypnosis

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