British Born Hypnotist Vows to bring No Smoking Day to Toronto this March

British born Hypnotist Luke Michael Howard Ph.d has vowed to bring No Smoking Day to Toronto beginning this March. Luke Michael Howard Ph.d a clinical hypnotist with over 20 years and specialises in will be asking Toronto Mayor John Tory for an offical proclamation to make Wednesday 8th March 2017 "No Smoking Day" in Toronto.…
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Toronto Stop Smoking Hypnosis Demystified

Your probably on this page because you want to quit smoking. And you can see the headline which is, "Who else wants to discover the quickest, easiest and most effective way to quit smoking?" And that's not just a line I use. In fact, New Scientist magazine in 1982, they researched all the different ways…
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How Can a Hypnotist Make Your PAIN Disappear?

You're on this page, in fact if you are suffering from some pain. And what I need to ask you is who else wants to stop chronic pain? Whether that be back pain, shoulder pain, or the ill effects of perhaps a chronic injury like a car accident, or a disorder like hypothyroidism or fibromyalgia.…
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