Who Else Wants To Change You’re Life at Home!

I'm so excited about this. My first ever hypnotic recording. It is very, very powerful and it is a universal recording that you can use for almost any problem to alleviate the symptoms of discomfort that you may be going through.

Up until now this very process was only available to clients that had actually worked with me.

I've had clients successfully use this very process to Increae Self Esteem, Lose Weight and Stop Smoking!

Now, this does not replace one-on-one hypnosis. It does not replace even group hypnosis. But it is the next best resort, if you can't come to see me personally, if you're in another country, logistics doesn't work for you.
I've produced this very, very powerful recording. It's less than fifty minutes, but you can use this recording, this hypnotic recording, for any problem that you imagine. And it's so powerful, so successful.

I've had clients in the past that would happyly pay me an awful lot of money to come and see me, but for whatever reasons, they couldn't follow up with remaining sessions.

So, I recorded this and give it to them, and the Results were amaazing. It was so powerful for them! So, I produced this product, I call it "LUKEnosis Complete Mind Therapy," and it's using various different therapies I've learned through almost 20 years of being a personal change artist. Utilizing Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, EFT, Visualization, Affirmations, Positive Psychology,

I've put so many modalites in this recording thats what makes it SO Powerful and the next best thing to working with me live!

If you can't come to a one-on-one session, if you can't come to a group session, this is the next best thing and it's also very, very very cost-effective, you'll find.

So, you'll see that it, underneath, and I've had clients use it to stop smoking, I've had clients use it to lose weight, I've had clients use it to release trauma in the past, to release panic.

To release things that they just want to get rid of, and it has worked so tremendously powerfully well for these things. And it's something that, when you purchase this recording and invest in yourself below. It's something I recommend that you listen to it for at least 21 days and then for as long, for as much or as little after that. But it's something that, the more you listen to it, the more it gets ingrained into your unconscious mind, and really makes those changes. So please just follow the instructions underneath and invest in yourself and this product. If you can't get to me, if you can't get to a group, it's the next best thing and it's really, really ridiculously cost-effective. And I will be increasing the rate of it soon, so, please, if you want in on this, get it now, do yourself a favor and start that change process right now. Order details are below me, very, very clear. And I look forward to hearing about your amazing success that you have from the "LUKEnosis Complete Mind Therapy" recording.

When you purchase you will be sent the private MP3 recording.
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