Toronto Corporate Talks Hypnosis

Who Else Wants to Have a very different Talk that will Engage, Enthrall and Educate your audience?

Here's a recent Talk and Presentation I gave to a local Business Group.

You'll see various videos underneath of this video of various different talks I've given all around the world to groups, to associations, to companies, even at TED talk, is down there.

So if you're ever interested in having someone come in and speak at your association, your corporation, your company, your group, to not only inform your group of hypnosis and how hypnosis can help them, whether that be in business, whether that be in sales, whether that be in personal development or persuasion. Mixed with some entertainment and what we call in hypnosis as phenomenon, then please do give me a call. Give my office a call on 613-878-5874, / 647-846-3202 or you can email me at And I got talks that could be as short as 20 minutes all the way up to an hour and beyond, as in a day presentation and workshops. So we go anywhere from 20 minutes all the way up to a day, gearing my talk, the magic of hypnosis and to whatever your company needs are. And I call it infotainment or information squared.

Well, like I say, I present information about hypnosis and how powerful it could be in your designated company and what you may be doing. But at the same time put in any other show business into it, so you'll be entertained, and the same time you'll be learning, which has been proved to help you retain information more. So if you're looking for a different corporate speaker, or someone different to come into your group to inform them, to teach something new, and at the same time entertain, then once you get placed you give my office a call or email me.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard CHT
Corporate Hypnotist