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Who Am I? What Do I Do?

#hypnosis #lukenosis #addiction Are You Trapped By Anxiety... A Panic That Is So Intense & Disabling That It Is Ruining The Quality Of Your Life?" If so this could help; https://www.lukenosis.com/ottawa-anxiety-hypnosis/ Who else wants to STOP years of Chronic PAIN?! Wither that be Back, Shoulder Pain or the Ill Effects of a Chronic Injury or…
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Beat Your Addiction Podcast Part 1

In order to learn about hypnosis to end addiction please visit: https://lukenosis.com/ The video is showing hypnosis to end addiction information but also try to cover the following subject: -hypnosis to stop addiction -hypnotized to get of addiction -hypnosis to quit addictions One thing I discovered when I was researching information on hypnosis to end…
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Are You Addicted Because Of Your Genes?

Are You Addicted Because Of Your Genes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je45QAoBU4w Many addicts believe that there's something in their genetic makeup that makes it harder for them, that they're more susceptible to becoming hooked, and it makes it harder for them to escape. It's a convenient excuse, isn't it? But it does ensure that they remain trapped forever.…
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