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PODCAST #67 Death, Grieving & Loss

In this special episode I explore death, grieving and loss after the recent death of my father. Dedicated to the memory of Michael McNamara. My dad. Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard CHT Clinical Hypnotist "Stop Destructive Habits Today Permanently" Book your free Hypnotic screening call on: 613-878-5874 http://lukenosis.com/ "Referrals​ are the biggest compliment you could…
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Are You Addicted Because Of Your Genes?

Are You Addicted Because Of Your Genes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je45QAoBU4w Many addicts believe that there's something in their genetic makeup that makes it harder for them, that they're more susceptible to becoming hooked, and it makes it harder for them to escape. It's a convenient excuse, isn't it? But it does ensure that they remain trapped forever.…
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