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PODCAST #20 What Is Love 2.0?

In this weeks episode the we explore the Master Emotion of Love! How it affects us Biologically as well as emotionally. And how to upgrade your concept of Love. And How to Feel it alone or with someone. Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard CHT Clinical Hypnotist "Stop Destructive…
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How Hypnosis Can Help For New Years Resolutions 1/2

New Year's resoluctions and how to keep them. And that's correct. I did say New Year's resoluctions not resolutions. You see, the difference between a resolution and a resoLUKEion is resolutions, 95% of them tend to be broken by the third week in January, and people are just back to where they were prior to…
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Toronto Stop Smoking Hypnosis Demystified

Your probably on this page because you want to quit smoking. And you can see the headline which is, "Who else wants to discover the quickest, easiest and most effective way to quit smoking?" And that's not just a line I use. In fact, New Scientist magazine in 1982, they researched all the different ways…
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