Who Else Wants to Experience a Life FREE from Addiction?

Watch this Video as if might well be the MOST important thing you EVER see!

I'm launching my very, very special program on addiction hypnosis in Toronto. Now, whether that be addiction for alcohol, whether that be addiction for opiates, some kind of medication that's no longer beneficial to you, whether that be to other narcotics like cocaine, heroin, or even crystal meth.

Now interesting things happened over the last six months in my practice, I've noticed a lot of clients have come in with addiction problems, and it's been very interesting because I've never advertised it. I've never made a video specifically on any of these issues, but I'm just getting a ton of people coming in, and I realized there's an awful lot of people that need help with this.

Oftentimes, clients have come to me and they've tried addiction counseling, 12-step programs, AA, NA. They've even gone to rehab. There was a lady that had gone to rehab five to eight times in America, and each time totaling about $30,000 a pop, yet she was still suffering from the symptoms of addiction. And again, it's never something I have marketed but I've started to work with people with all kinds of addictions, as I've mentioned, and I've started to get profound change in these people. They're quite frantic to begin with. I didn't even know what I was doing until I took a back step and started to breakdown the actual strategies I was using unconsciously to help these clients.

So I'm very happy to report now that I've got a stop addiction program which is very powerful across the board that I'm going to officially launch now. So if you yourself are suffering from some kind of addiction or someone in your friend, one of your friends, one of your family members that needs some help, perhaps have tried all other things that, and I think that's really got to the root of the problem, and help them, then I urge that this might be the thing for them. My stop addiction program through hypnosis, because it, with hypnosis we're really getting to the root of the problem and helping to reprogram your unconscious mind to overcome that problem once and for all.

So you get rid of the addiction but we replace it with something positive, because in all my years of working with people, I realize that if we just took away the problem whether that be the cigarettes, whether that be the alcohol, whether that be the opiates, under medical supervision of course, we don't replace it with something else they would tend to rear their ugly head and come back or come back even worse or something equally as destructive.

So, the only thing we get rid of in these sessions, is the addiction for that thing that's holding you back and causing you suffering in your life, and actually replacing it with something very, very positive in your life, which I don't tell you what it is, and you don't consciously think what it is because your unconscious mind's gonna tell you. So it's a very, very powerful work. It's usually based on anywhere from two to four sessions that we work around that addiction, and I do not have the belief that once you have an addiction of some kind that you're always an addict, I do not believe that. I have seen it for 21 years that you can have a problem, you can be completely addicted to something and outgrow it, overcome it, get over it, so it's no longer a problem in your life. So I do not buy into the frame that once an addict, always an addict. Don't buy into that, and I believe if you buy into that, that's what keeps you locked down and limits your life and the kind of happiness, and you end doing the suffering.

So if you want to truly end the suffering, and to let go of that addiction mindset, then I might be the guy to help you.

Please do give my office a call on 613-878-5874 Ottawa Hypnosis clinic or 647-846-3202 Toronto Hypnosis center and book your complimentary screening call so we can assess where you're at, and if indeed I can help you.

Alternatively, you can drop me an email at mail@lukenosis.com and also go to my website LUKEnosis.com, and I hope we get to talk one day, and I get to help you.

Always Believe,