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PODCAST #62 My TED Talk On Learning

In this weeks episode we explore; - Experience the experiential and immersive process of attending a live talk with me as I speak to the students of Ottawa University. - Take away 3 tangible ways to become a better student! - Learn the best emotions to open up the neuro pathways of learning. and much…
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Are You Speeding?

We have another metaphor, another story. We need to relax. Potentially, that'd be a cup of coffee. I'm gonna share a little story today, and it's...and you can use this story as a metaphor for many things. I often tell this to a lot of my clients who are coming for pain issues. So, imagine…
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*Preview* PODCAST #62 My TED Talk On Learning

*Preview of this weeks show my  Ted Talk to Ottawa University on Better Learning States. It Drops on Wednesday! Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Cht Clinical Hypnotist "Changing Thoughts At The Speed Of Light" Book your free Hypnotic screening call on: 613-878-5874 It Drops on Wednesday! Remember…
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Mindset Monday #7

"TABLE OF CHANGE!" [embed][/embed] Luke Michael Howard, Clinical Hypnotist here with your "Mindset Monday." And what you see in front of you is the table of change. Now to some people it may seem like a high school science project going wrong. But what this actually is, is all the tools I implement to demonstrate…
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