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Why You Should Fast 1/2

So fasting, why on earth would you want to fast in your life? "I like food, I don't wanna starve, I've got money, I gotta a job, so I can eat. So I don't have to fast." I hear some of you say. And I used to share a lot of those same concepts, to…
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What Are Your Power Symbols 2/2

On the opposite forearm, it is a spider web. Now, I found out later on that oftentimes people who went to prison have a spider's web and that's what it can mean. I have not been to prison. I have no intention of being into prison. I don't think that's all it means but on…
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PODCAST #46 How To Delete Toxic People From Your Life

In this weeks episode we explore; - How to Identify a Toxic person. - How end a Toxic relationship. - How to Protect yourself for a Toxic person                                                                                and much much more... Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Ph.D Clinical Hypnotist "Changing Thoughts At The Speed Of Light" Book…
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What Are Your Power Symbols? 1/2

So, symbol are symbols. Well, symbols are anything, anything that represent something else to you. They're almost like a normalization of a process, if you will, to use an LP terminology. What do I mean by that? Now, if you are religious, then you are a Christian, and you have a cross, then when you…
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