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Mindset Monday #1

"YOU'RE THINKING THE THOUGHT" Hello. I'm Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of LUKEnosis Hypnosis, here starting a new video series for you each and every Monday called "Mindset Monday." It's a minute of information on how to improve your mindset each Monday, and today's technique is simply this. Whenever you're having a thought,…
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Signs Your Loved One Is An Addict

Its very important video and this video is about being able to recognize, identify if a loved one is suffering from an addiction. Be that alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, narcotics of some kind. What are some telltale signs that your loved one may be suffering from an addiction? Number one, they're withdrawing from themselves, they're withdrawing…
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Recognizing You Have An Addiction

Now obviously, if you are suffering some kind of addictive pursuit in your life, some kind of addictive substance is going into your body, the first thing is to get out of the river of denial and to acknowledge that you have an addiction. That's the very first thing. Once you can acknowledge it, then…
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10 Ways To Stop Gas-lighting

What does gaslighting mean? Well, gaslighting is a term used in the psychological community. And what the actual term means is some form of psychological manipulation. To gaslight someone is to use a pattern of behavior to deceive or manipulate them into doubting their sanity. Victims usually question their memory and perceptions as a result…
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