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Mindset Monday #12

"Be Excited!" [embed][/embed] It's the Hypnopunk Luke Michael Howard here from LUKEnosis Hypnosis with your Mindset Monday. Today is about being excited. What are you excited about in your life? See from a young age for whatever reason, I didn't like the word being happy. When anyone would ask me, "What's happiness to you? Are…
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How I Solve Your Problem?!

Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis here today. So today I'm gonna explain why the method you perhaps have been using to try and overcome your negative emotion or bad behavior whether that be anxiety, whether that be depression, whether that be some kind of addiction, why it hasn't been working…
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Mindset Monday #11

"Becoming Consistent" [embed][/embed] It's Luke Michael Howard, aka the HypnoPunk, from here with your Mindset Monday and today's lesson is gonna all be about being consistent. Consistently being consistent. as I review back my life over the last five or so years, one of the successful patterns I've developed is being consistent. I'm currently…
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PODCAST #65 10 Ways To Spot A Liar!

In this weeks episode we explore; - What is a lack of Congruence and how doe s it apply to lying? - Why 93% of communication has nothing to do with the words we say. - Why liars almost always look you in the eyes to fool you! and much much more... Remember to Like,…
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