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Mindset Monday #43

"Outlaw!" [embed][/embed]   Today is all about being the outlaw in your world in your universe. To do things different from how they've been done before. To ascend up that waterfall without having to go behind it to see what's there. If everyone's going right, going left. If everyone is going down, you go up.…
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Do You Suffer From Anxiety? 

[embed][/embed] Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Are You Feeling Sick Of Feeling Stuck? Then Hypnosis Can Help! Book Your FREE Delete Anxiety Screening Call Below! Go here;
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Mindset Monday #42

"Doing What You Don't Want To Do!" [embed][/embed] You know you need to do them for the greater good. It may be like exercise. I don't enjoy exercising but I also know I don't want to be a fat bastard. So, for the greater good I exercise daily. I might want to eat sugary products…
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Very Early Talk To The Your Stage Group

[embed][/embed] This is a very early talk I gave to the Your Stage Group in Canada's capital Ottawa, Ontario. Become part of  the group as I take them through an Hypnotic Experience. As always please leave your comments below and let me know what you think. Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Clinical Hypnotist
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