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Anxiety Chakra Clearing

Anxiety Chakra Clearing HypnoPunk here today. I want to talk about this bad boy it is the Charka for that resides in your solar plexus why this is very interesting because oftentimes when I'm working with people and in myself in the past who are dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, they often claim to…
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Heart Charka

Heart Charka HypnoPunk here. Today I'm in front of the heart chakra and where in your life. Have you blocked up your heart chakra, perhaps you've been in a relationship and it didn't go. Well. She start to block up your heart chakra stopping you from connecting to people. I don't know if you're…
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Throat Charka

Throat Charka Hypnopunk here. And today I'm in front of this bad boy. It is the throat chakra which resides here. It's responsible for our communication. And sometimes it gets closed down and I'll communication gets stifled. Sometimes it's as simple as being a youngster being at school putting your hand up to answer…
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How Can Hypnosis Help You Reduce Your Drinking?

How Can Hypnosis Help You Reduce Your Drinking? Many people reach for an alcoholic drink out of habit or as a way to relax after a long day. But... If any of the following are answered with a "yes" Then it may be that alcohol is becoming a problem! Boredom drinking? Stressed and drinking?…
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