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Mindset Monday #69

How To Spend A Fcuk! [embed][/embed] HypnoPunk here with your Mindset Monday. Today is about how many fucks do you have to give every day. Clients come into my office, and they care too much about things they shouldn't care about. And I ask them, "How many fucks do you want to give each day,…
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Bounce Back From Quarantine (Step-By-Step Plan)

Bounce Back From Quarantine (Step-By-Step Plan) Did you pack on some pounds during quarantine? Have you been emotionally eating and avoiding exercise? I’ve got a step-by-step plan to help you bounce back from those quarantine pounds and get you into your best body ever… Step #1: Program Your Mind Your mind is your number one…
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Don’t Let FEAR Rule Your Life!

Don't Let FEAR Rule Your Life!   We live in a climate of fear.   and many of us have been recently tested in ways  we could not have imagined. But fear can be  state of mind that controls all aspects of life. It could be fear of loss. It could be fear of lack of…
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Mindset Monday #68

How To Kick Down Doors In Your Life! [embed][/embed] What door do you need kicked in in your life? When do you need to be picked up and brought to the next level in your life? See, I realized a long time ago I had to literally kick in the doors in my own life…
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