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Mindset Monday #83

"What If Your Motional Beatings Looked Like This?" HypnoPunk here from Lukenosis Hypnosis. Imagine this, imagine that every time you abuse yourself with obsessive thoughts, obsessive emotions, that instead of just thinking them inside your head, imagine if it was like someone hitting you with a Singapore cane on your back. And you felt…
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Mindset Monday #82

"Draining The Swamps" HypnoPunk here in the Miami Florida Everglades. And there's swamps, there's swamps all around me here. And much like when I do change work with people,  we're going into the swamp in your mind. Now, we're not quite sure what's in the swamp, if there's going to be alligators, if there's…
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The Devil Knocking At Your Door! What is that? That's the devil knocking at your door and the devil's going to knock at your door multiple times in your life. It's there to test you. To test your strength, to test your courage. So when the devil does come and knock on your door,…
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Mindset Monday #80

Here's Why You Can't Be Fixed! HypnoPunk here in the Florida Everglades, and when I'm here, it reminds me of sometimes when clients come to see you, they come in a position where they've literally gone overboard, and they are floating around there with some kind of problem. And I'm there and I'm reaching…
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