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Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship How to Improve Relationships with the Power of Hypnosis The coronavirus outbreak is leading to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives. Our relationships are hugely important to us just at a time when they are being placed under the most intense pressure. Relationships are not built on the expectation…
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Coronavirus – Coping With The Chaos

Coronavirus - Coping With The Chaos How To Manage Uncertainty in Uncertain Times The world is in the grip of a global pandemic. We are living in extremely uncertain times - and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. You may feel worried right now. You may struggle to keep anxious thoughts in check. …
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Mindset Monday #53

"Go Deep!" [embed][/embed] Hypnopunk here with your Mindset Monday in this beautiful cave somewhere in New York State. And this reminds me about staying deep. Sometimes there's a darkness inside us, emotion that we need to feel that we need to go down deep inside that emotion to feel it. And it can be scary…
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Preparing For Online Hypnosis

Preparing For Online Hypnosis [embed][/embed] Hypnotherapy Online is now available to those in need. specializing in helping people with anxiety. Lukenosis hypnosis will hypnotize you through the screen or video to let go of panic. hypnosis works. Book your free Hypnotic screening session. So we can strategize a solution to your needs. Simply click here;…
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