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"Learning From Your Past!" HypnoPunk here and today is all about history. I'm on the hallowed grounds of Harvard University here in a historical city of Boston. On the very stage where people like Oprah, Mother Teresa and Yo-Yo Ma have spoken. This day I stand on this very stage to talk about history…
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"Pandora's Box" HypnoPunk here with Pandora's box. Where in your life have you had this curiosity about a door that you wanted to open, a file you wanted to read, a diary perhaps that didn't belong to you that you wanted to read? You had the curiosity yet your gut told you, "Don't do…
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"Enter Samurai!" See, when I was growing up,   a lot of kids would play Cowboys   or play Indians, wanted those guns,   I always wanted to be a Samurai. Because I didn't want to be a soldier.   Samurai is somebody that'd roll up into town in Ancient Asia   and would go…
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"How To Do Somatic Experiencing!" HypnoPunk here. Somatic Experiencing, what is it? Oftentimes, clients come to me and they're suffering from some kind of emotional deregulation. It's easy for me to say. Whether that be too much anger, too much sadness, too much anxiety. And oftentimes, they get fixated on those labels. What I get…
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