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Do You Have Dreams That You Haven’t Yet Achieved?

Do You Have Dreams That You Haven’t Yet Achieved? Do you have a list of accomplishments yet to be checked off your to-do list? Can you picture your dream self - a version of you that you would be proud of? It’s pretty easy for most of us to notice and fixate on our flaws.…
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Fear Of Masks In Kids

Fear Of Masks In Kids Summer is almost over! . I’ve seen a growing trend in children being afraid to cover their mouth and wear masks. . Due to many types of psychological and physiological problems. . Around this time each year parent send their children to me concerned with theirs child’s growing Anxiety…
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Mindset Monday #67

Cold Shower Therapy! [embed][/embed] The benefits of cold ice showers. Why would someone be crazy enough to put themselves through this, not just because I live in Canada, but the cold shower benefit has been around for hundreds of years now. It helps to really increase your nerve force inside your body, helps to wake…
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Want To Feel Good?

Want To Feel Good? There is incredible power in your daily habits. Your habits quite literally mold your body, your health and your accomplishments in life. And it turns out that there’s a special secret sauce to making new habits stick that I’d like to share with you today… This secret sauce goes against our…
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