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Mindset Monday #35

"Detox!" [embed][/embed] Today's all about detox. But not the kind of detox that you think about putting a green gooey liquid that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters into your system. But more likely detox, a digital detox. Give yourself the gift of at least once a month digitally detoxing, that's easy for me to say.…
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My Ted Talk From Ottawa University!

  [embed][/embed] Here is my Talk Ted from Ottawa University. It focusing on using hypnosis to increase and retain learning while dealing with exam stress and anxiety.  Give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments section. Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Clinical Hypnotist
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Mindset Monday #34

"Moving Forward" [embed][/embed] As I bounce on this treadmill right now, today's Mindset Monday is all about moving forward in life, having that resilience that no matter how many shots that you may probably take to your face, to your body, to your ego, that you always find a way to walk forward, to walk…
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Mindset Monday #33

"Future Memories!" [embed][/embed] Hypnopunk here with your "Mindset Monday." Today's "Mindset Monday" is all about future memories. At one point, man had this future event, this future memory of going to a place called the moon, so he put it out there. But what's a future memory, a future projection that you could put out…
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