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Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

Follow The Yellow Brick Road! Hypnopunk here with your mindset Monday! and you to remember the movie The Wizard of Oz? Do you remember Dorothy had the yellow brick road. That she needs to walk down. To me the end of brick road is a bit like having faith or having a belief. It's…
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Are You Renting Out Space In Your Head?

Are You Renting Out Space In Your Head?   Luke Michael Howard here AKA HypnoPunk with your Mindset Monday. And today's edition is entitled. Are you renting out space in your head? I mean how many of us rent out space in our head we allow other people to dictate how we feel on…
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Anxiety Chakra Clearing

Anxiety Chakra Clearing HypnoPunk here today. I want to talk about this bad boy it is the Charka for that resides in your solar plexus why this is very interesting because oftentimes when I'm working with people and in myself in the past who are dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, they often claim to…
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Heart Charka

Heart Charka HypnoPunk here. Today I'm in front of the heart chakra and where in your life. Have you blocked up your heart chakra, perhaps you've been in a relationship and it didn't go. Well. She start to block up your heart chakra stopping you from connecting to people. I don't know if you're…
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