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PODCAST #65 10 Ways To Spot A Lair!

In this weeks episode we explore; - What is a lack of Congruence and how doe s it apply to lying? - Why 93% of communication has nothing to do with the words we say. - Why liars almost always look you in the eyes to fool you! and much much more... Remember to Like,…
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Red Pill Vs Blue Pill

I have a question for you. Which one do you take? Do you take the red pill? Understand, and when you take that red pill, you have to confront some really uncomfortable things in your life that may make you feel temporarily uncomfortable. You may have to face things about yourself that you didn't wanna…
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*Preview* PODCAST #65 10 Ways To Spot A Lair!

*Preview of this weeks show 10 Ways To Spot A Liar! It Drops on Wednesday! Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Cht Clinical Hypnotist "Changing Thoughts At The Speed Of Light" Book your free Hypnotic screening call on: 613-878-5874 It Drops on Wednesday! Remember to Like, Share and…
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Mindset Monday #10

"Loneliness" [embed][/embed]   It's the Hypnopunk here with your motivational Monday. Today's message is all about loneliness. Loneliness, we think it's a big scary thing. See oftentimes, I'm on the road travelling from office to office, client to client in different towns, different countries, different cities. And sometimes I do that alone, and sometimes being…
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