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10 Ways To Be Stronger

Not necessarily talking about physical strength, although that certainly has its merits, we're talking more about emotional and mental strength here today. But 10 ways to be stronger in your life. First thing is focus on what you want. I remember hearing quotes and for some mentors of mine people like John Grinder who co-created…
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Gina Becomes A Non-Smoker!

[embed][/embed] Gina: Hi, my name is Gina and I have come to see Luke Howard from Lukenosis. I came initially to quit smoking. I've been battling it for a very long time. It's pretty much my entire life. Made many attempts, never had any success. The only thing that was successful is having kids, which…
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6 Step Tapping For Anything Hello, Clinical Hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis, Luke Michael Howard here, and you're probably watching this video because you're one of my clients and I'm sharing aftercare techniques with you that we covered in the session. If you're not one of my clients, you're about to learn an amazing technique to banish stress,…
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PODCAST #57 Dark Night Of The Soul

PODCAST #57 Dark Night Of The Soul! In this weeks episode we explore; - What is the Dark Night of the Soul? - How to get through it! - How long will it take? and much much more... Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Ph.D Clinical Hypnotist "Stop Destructive…
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