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Why I Podcast 2/2

I remember then going on and working at another hospital radio station which was a lot more professional, a lot more up-to-date, for the Whittington Hospital which was in North London which was very close to me. And this was like a real studio with real...we're actually playing CDs here. And it was like cutting-edge…
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Why I Podcast 1/2

So why do I podcast? Why the medium of sound? Now, I am a very auditory guy. I am very sensitive to sounds. Sounds, typically, motivate me and they can send me into a crazy rage at times as well. If you ask the nearest and dearest to me in my life about how I…
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How Physical Really Pain Works 2/2

So if you are in pain and you know anyone that's in pain, please pass on along this podcast, spread it, share it. There's nothing that people need to do. It's typically a one session to deal with something like this type of pain. It's not something you need to keep updating or topping off…
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How Physical Really Pain Works 1/2

Pain might not be what you think it is. You see, all pain is real. Absolutely 100% real. And yet it's all in the head at the same time because pain is manufactured in the brain and appears wherever it's needed over the rest of the body. Pain is a response to a message that…
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