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How To Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life 2/2

They'll continue to make you believe that you're wrong, that you're crazy, that you're a narcissist, that what you're doing is wrong. Even though if you stepped outside of it, you'd see they'd made no rational, critical explanation for this, this over-reaction. When you're looking through that lens of being caught in a toxic person's…
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PODCAST #48 Allergy Removal!

In this weeks episode we explore; - What is an Allergy really? - How to correct the nervous system to release the allergic reaction? - 3 ways to become Allergy FREE! and much much more... Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Ph.D Clinical Hypnotist "Changing Thoughts At The Speed…
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How To Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life 1/2

So today, it's gonna be a very, very personal show from me. There is no script. My words may sometimes crack, it's a very personal subject for me. So I'm gonna deliver this in the best way that I can and it's entitled "Delete, Delete, Delete." And it's about deleting toxic people in your life.…
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Fake News, Mind Control & Hypnosis 3/3

Here's the thing. I'm not particularly big fan of Michael Jackson either. I appreciate that he was an amazing performer, perhaps one of the greatest performers of all time. And he's got a couple of good songs. I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan of the show. Well, now I'm always been a George…
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