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How To Enforce Your Boundaries 2/2

One of my boundaries is this. One of my boundaries is in the universe. The universe has, actually, let's put the world. The world has, what? Seven billion plus people, right? I have little control over those seven billion people who are going from A to B every single day. I've got very little control…
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How To Enforce Your Boundaries 1/2

What is a boundary? A boundary, a personal boundary is much like a law, if you will, a protocol in your own life, which is not governed necessarily by the government. It is governed by yourself. It's basically a set of things, a set of rules, a set of behaviors, that you accept from yourself…
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How To Be More Feminine

Now, last month, I did a show called "How to be More Masculine," and it was very, very successful enough. It would only be fair to turn the page, to flip the coin, to do how to be more feminine. You might be, "Luke, how can you tell us to be more feminine? You are…
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What Is Sports Hypnosis? 2/2

Using things like anchor which come from NLP which...originally did not come from NLP at all, they came from Pavlov's work anchoring good emotional state. So, if you are in the middle of your game, your match, your fight and you are going into a non-resourceful state, there's a quick movement you can do of…
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