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Addiction 1/2

Addictions of all kinds, whether that be addiction to cigarettes, addiction to alcohol, crack, heroin, crystal meth, love, affection, obsessive compulsive thoughts, whatever our addictions are. And listen, no one gets off free. You might be all, "I have no addictions. Oh, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, hire hookers. I do none of that.…
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PODCAST #19 Low Carb Lifestyle Interview With HypnoPixie

In this weeks episode the I interview HypnoPixie a about her transformation from stopping smoking 50 cigarettes a day, losing 50lbs, coming off drugs and developing the "Feed The Pixie" Low Carb Lifestyle Program. Here are her links: Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Ph.D Clinical Hypnotist…
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How Hypnosis Can Help For New Years Resolutions 2/2

Another example is meditating. I meditate every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. Some days I'll do 20. Some days I will do a full hour, but I've got a minimum of 10 minutes. And this streak has probably been alive again for at least two years now. So at least for 700 consecutive…
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How Hypnosis Can Help For New Years Resolutions 1/2

New Year's resoluctions and how to keep them. And that's correct. I did say New Year's resoluctions not resolutions. You see, the difference between a resolution and a resoLUKEion is resolutions, 95% of them tend to be broken by the third week in January, and people are just back to where they were prior to…
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