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What Is Sports Hypnosis? 2/2

Using things like anchor which come from NLP which...originally did not come from NLP at all, they came from Pavlov's work anchoring good emotional state. So, if you are in the middle of your game, your match, your fight and you are going into a non-resourceful state, there's a quick movement you can do of…
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What Is Sports Hypnosis? 1/2

So, sports hypnosis, well what is it? Well, it's hypnosis for sports, to make you better at sports whether that be mixed martial arts, whether that be football, whether that be hockey, basketball, wrestling, whatever it may be. Now, Tiger Woods, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Tiger Woods. I'm sure you are, but…
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Whats Your Purpose?

What's your purpose? Yeah, you. What's your purpose in life? Why were you put here on earth? Do you know? I'll give you five seconds. Think about it. You got it yet? Some of you may, probably more of you don't. You don't know what your purpose is in life. And some of us find…
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PODCAST #42 What Is Forensic Hypnosis?

In this weeks episode we explore; - Whats the History of Forensic Hypnosis? - What is Forensic Hypnosis? - Scientific Studies & data to back it up And much more... Remember to Like, Share and Comment :) Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Ph.D Clinical Hypnotist "Changing Thoughts At The Speed Of Light" Book your free…
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