Are You Addicted To Cocaine?

Are You Addicted To Cocaine?

How many times have you tried to quit Coke or cut down? And what happens? You might make it a few days a week, or even a few months, or even more but eventually get sucked back in. Then what happens? It always seems harder to resist more frequent, earlier in the week, earlier in the day, more. Cutting down and trying to control your intake with drug, which you're addicted to, doesn't work. Telling someone to limit their intake of an addictive drug is like telling them to jump off a building. And as long as they don't fall more than a few meters, the force of gravity, the force of addiction—in this case, cocaine—will always drag you down. That's the bad news. Now, it's time for the good news. Later, I'm going to explain why previously you might have fallen back into the old trap, you thought you'd escape, and more importantly why this time is going to be different that you can get free and be free. Book your no-cost screening call below to become free.

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