Are You Afraid of Clowns?

A nasty new trend have migrated from the US. Where people are dressing up in clown costumes and terrorizing local children such as the students of Pope Francis Catholic School in downtown Toronto. Toronto Hypnotist Luke Michael Howard PH.D is offering any children who have been effected by what is called "The Clownpocalypse" a free…
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Painless Childbirth Through Ottawa Hypnosis

Childbirth is always sure to be a huge amount of pain which can be quite unbearable. Hypnosis has over the years been proved to be highly effective and efficient in reducing the amount of pain that any expectant mother would feel during this important stage of the human cycle. Hypnosis is able to reduce the…
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Ottawa Hypnosis for Anger

There are several people that suffer a severe condition hence the fact that they lead a very stressful life. If you think it is about simply being stressed sometimes, you are wrong. Anger is much stronger than simply being stressed. Millions of people undergo stress every single day; however these stress acute moments come and…
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