Step Into The Unknown

Step Into The Unknown!

HypnoPunk here and about stepping out into the
unknown the fear of the unknown often times in life.

We get anxiety we get fear about doing something new and often.
I asked a lot of clients why that is it's Luke HypnoPunk is fear of the unknown.
What if I start dating against my type?

What if I go for a position that I've never had before what if I do something different?!

I don't know how that's going to turn out.
I'm filled with fear I’m filled with anxiety.

Well, one of the six human needs in life is uncertainty it’s the reason,
we watch different movies.

It's the reason we date different people is
the reason we have different favorite pieces of art
because if we had certainty all the time we'll watch the same movie over and over again,
but would get bored. We need a certain amount of uncertainty in our life to face the unknown.

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