My Alcohol Origin Story How To Stop Drinking

My Alcohol Origin Story How To Stop Drinking!

Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist, and owner of Lukenosis,
hypnosis here. The straight edge sober hypnotist.
And I'm often asked Luke, whats your, origin story.
What's your deal with alcohol? Why don't you drink?

And really, it comes down to. I made a decision one day.
To never drink ever again. Growing up my father who passed away last year my dad,
you know, he was a functioning alcoholic really,
you know, drink pretty much every night
and get plastered at the weekend and it wasn't a violent man.
He wasn't a bad man, but he drunk too fucking much.
And in the culture that I grew up with, in England,
in the 80s in the 90s. Pretty much everyone drunk,
right? Everyone drunk, but I made the decision.
A really young age. Probably. Younger than then,
I would have been to legally drink. I think it's 16 in England.
And that's a little bit older in North America. But although my dad had many qualities,

I saw how silly he would get when he would drink how forgetfull,
he would become sloppy.
Messy and kind of what that would put me in my little sister who's
five years younger than me through growing up
and You know,
my dad would drink and smoke too much that,
you know, when I was I don’t know 13 or 14.

He had a triple bypass operation.
I mean, my sister won't told too much about it,
but we rock up to the hospital and we don't know a bypasses,
is right, were kids in the nineties
and my dad's just hooked up to all these machines and his eyes closed.
So straighten our head. The first place we go.

Well certainly for me, is I thought my dad died,
right? And nobody had told me because he weren't moving Hospital machines.
Heart attack. You know, my 13 year old brain.
This is the conclusion. I came to thankfully,
you know, he wasn't dead. He was just sleeping.
And that was probably the moment if not even before actually.

But where I was conscious when I became conscious me unconscious,
they probably made the decision decision before but where I consciously made the decision that you know, certainly wasn't going to get drunk. It wasn't could be my lifestyle and I probably wouldn't drink.

It was right then and there, you know,
and and hands on the cards on the table hands up in the air probably drank
five times in my life before the age of 20 One of them,
I got tricked into drinking by. Somebody told me,
it was water, and it was vodka and before I'd,
you know, but just because gonna have to swallow my, spit it out
and it was only like a beer or something like this.
And one was somewhat pleasurable because
it was the first time I really drank and it isn't job as a busboy.

It was my first job way before I had my hypnosis skills
when I was 16 and these women who were older than me,
took me out one Christmas Eve, guess it was
1995 I was the only male there with five women.
So I drank that night and it was a pleasure boy experience.

Maybe it was the company. I was with,
that's probably the only pleasurable experience I ever had were drinking.
And then I drank a beer or something once once here in a nightclub,
and I just didn't like it. I just didn't like the taste on top
of seeing my dad in the hospital on top
of probably before that making the decision of seeing my dad.

Drinking too much and again, not a bad man. It's just like I made the decision.
I didn't want to be like that. Certainly didn't want to mirror that aspect
of what my dad was doing if I hard children or anyone like that.
So I made a decision not to be a drinker and I'm 42. Now, although I look for younger, right?! 😉

I probably haven't drank in my own a 22 years or whatever,
and it's only about five times before then, but you know,
it wasn't pleasurable. So I’m often.
I often hear people not people that come to see me
because people come to see me a quite evolved.

They take full responsibility of Luke.
I'm fucking drinking too much. I need some help stopping.
I know I'm doing it. It's my fault. I take full responsibility,
but I need you to help me to help myself. A love of people like that fucking amazing.
Owning up, owning up their problems,you know, pulling up their sleeves and doing some of that grunt work to get rid of it.
Fucking love. People diligent people at,
I love working with people like that because they're ready,
great people. They've just made some dumb decisions and we all do including me.
But when they learn are ready to help myself taking full responsibility,
someone the most awesome client’s I've ever had. Love people like that.

On the flip side of that is the people that is
I'm an alcoholic because my dad drank. Well,
I'm not an alcoholic and my dad drank an awful lot.
And my sister didn't drink either. We were in a culture that pretty much
beaten into us to drink from an early age.

So, I think that's really an excuse! Well, well, well no that I'm this way because my mom,
a dad. Sure. You could learn that from them and you could choose to drink.
You could also choose not to drink, not just me as many people with similar stories to me that where environment and they decided, you know, what everyone around me is drinking. I'm not going to do that versus.
It's really easy, isn't it? It's really easy to blame everyone else.
While we're doing my genetics. No one's fucking born.
An alcoholic in the same way. No one's born,
depressed, and nobody is born.

Anxious. Have you ever seen an anxious baby?
No, baby will cry but baby cries because it wants to get food.
It wants to get attention, baby. Can't walk.
It needs. Survival needs to get Mom or Dad's attention babies.
Not born depressed. Baby's not born and alcoholic.
Okay. So don't born that way. It's not in your jeans.
Now, you may have been bought up nature versus nurture,
right? You may have been bought up in a nurturing environment.
Where your Guardians Father,
mother, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends were drinking,
and you may have seen that a lot, and then you started drinking and then it got out of control, but understand that was you unless there was a gun to your head and in about close to 10,000 clients with with that,

I've worked with that had drinking or form of addiction problems.
Not one of them actually. Literally had a gun to their head and then they made the decision.

That may have been some peer pressure. All right,
well to fit in with us, you've got a drink. You've got to do this.
You've got to drink that big drink it really quickly.

It may have been a culture at University or college to get in with people.
I understand that. I appreciate that but it’s still a decision that you made your crack the door open and it could have stopped there.

But you open up that fucking door and you walk through the other side,
to take some fucking responsibility. I'm not here to judge you,
but I am here to judge the decisions that you've made to blame other people.

You made the decision. Like I made the decision not to some people make the decision to do! That was a decision that you made now, you may feel disempowered now many years later oh my God.

Yeah, that was years ago. I started my if I knew then what I know.
Now that never picked up that Drink, I appreciate that.
Perhaps you didn't see your life. Unwinding the way that it did
when were when the alcohol addiction, got a grip of you took control and start to choke out the very life of you.

I understand that maybe. Didn't have the foresight to have hindsight.
I get that, you know, there's always things. I wish I'd said this differently.
I wish I'd done that differently. After the fact,
I get it, but you're here.
Now! you're here now!

The first step in you helping yourself.
Don't blame anyone else. Just know where you're at right now.
No, there's not a gun to your head. It's your responsibility,
your trauma, or creation of your trauma.
May have not been your responsibility.

But you getting some help to heal. It is 100% your responsibility! Not your parents, not the people friends that put peer pressure on you,
to begin with, you! understand that! And once you understand that. Your work to be sober gets exponentially.
More simple. As all those chips,
Domino's, if you will fall in a line. If you need some more
additional help to help you get on that right path
and you ready again,

I'm not interested in people want to debate all its genes are my family.
No. No, I’ve already disproved that? Then I would be a drunk
and I'd be an alcoholic and would my sister and many of my other friends,
but we're not. All right again, not a judgment,
but you can't use that argument anymore. When you're ready to be own up and say I've got a problem.

I need to help me. My trauma may have not been my responsibility.
But my healing is my responsibility and I'm ready to heal,
but I just need to be shown how! if that's you,
you're going to see a link to a screening call either above me or below me.
It's free. Won’t be free forever,

though! Click on it. Watch the 2-minute video.
Fill out the questionnaire so I know who's in front of me and then we'll get on a call you.
And I, and I can help you to help yourself become straight edge,
and sober

Always Believe xXx.


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