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Hypnosis And Social Phobia #lukenosis #socialphobia #anxiety

In this video, I'll be discussing hypnosis and social anxiety. I'll be explaining how hypnosis can be used to help treat social anxiety and phobia, as well as Lukenosis, or fear of going out. I'll also be discussing the benefits of hypnosis therapy for social anxiety and phobia, and how hypnosis can help you to…
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Anxiety Chakra Clearing

Anxiety Chakra Clearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSZYY-YcuIs&list=PLvJroAlwTE50O0kaZiM6aKdhOIduLxjpO&index=127 HypnoPunk here today. I want to talk about this bad boy it is the Charka for that resides in your solar plexus why this is very interesting because oftentimes when I'm working with people and in myself in the past who are dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, they often claim to…
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