Anxiety Chakra Clearing

Anxiety Chakra Clearing

HypnoPunk here today.

I want to talk about this bad boy it is the Charka
for that resides in your solar plexus why this is very interesting
because oftentimes when I'm working with people
and in myself in the past who are dealing with the symptoms of anxiety,
they often claim to having tightness in their solar plexus.

It's almost like there's a lockdown a compression that's pushing pushing pushing.

So a good technique that I found to help to release that Charka if you believe in such a thing
and help to let go of those symptoms.

Anxiety is actually to my mime as well as she imagined actually grabbing hold of that lock of that tightness.

That's there almost like it's a door and actually take a big deep breath in.

And then just imagine if you're open it and there's your open it imagine all that beautiful yellow energy is now free.

It's not reside. It's no longer stuck. It's no longer stifled.

It's now FREE spreading out of your body no longer contaminating you let that go.

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