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Hypnosis and Depression

Hypnosis and Depression The World Health Organisation (WHO) documents that 264 million people across the globe suffer with depression. It is a leading cause of disability worldwide, is a major contributor to the “overall global burden of disease”, and can also lead to suicide. It affects all ages but afflicts more women than men. It…
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Lockdown and Alcohol

Lockdown and Alcohol Have we been drinking more? The effects of Britons drinking more alcohol during the COVID-19 lockdown could be felt for a generation, some experts have warned. Alcohol sales rose by 67% just prior to the lockdown, as many prepared to drink at home. The question remained, however – were people stocking up…
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Mindset Monday #46

"Perfection!" [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLAuDfqow_4[/embed] The Persian carpet. I share a story with you. There's a very specific family, in the old Persia, that would put together the most beautiful and elegant carpet you could imagine. They took hours, days, weeks, months to build the perfect carpet. Inside every carpet, they would leave a stitch out of place.…
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