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What Is Hypnosis 1/2

So what is hypnosis? There's a lot of definitions of hypnosis out there, okay? And I always say to my clients that I used to spend the first 45 minutes at the very first session with a new client explaining what hypnosis was and explaining what hypnosis wasn't. And quite frankly after about 45 minutes,…
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How Hypnosis Can Help For New Years Resolutions 1/2

New Year's resoluctions and how to keep them. And that's correct. I did say New Year's resoluctions not resolutions. You see, the difference between a resolution and a resoLUKEion is resolutions, 95% of them tend to be broken by the third week in January, and people are just back to where they were prior to…
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British Born Hypnotist Vows to bring No Smoking Day to Toronto this March

British born Hypnotist Luke Michael Howard Ph.d has vowed to bring No Smoking Day to Toronto beginning this March. Luke Michael Howard Ph.d a clinical hypnotist with over 20 years and specialises in will be asking Toronto Mayor John Tory for an offical proclamation to make Wednesday 8th March 2017 "No Smoking Day" in Toronto.…
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