How Hypnosis Can Help For New Years Resolutions 1/2

New Year's resoluctions and how to keep them.

And that's correct. I did say New Year's resoluctions not resolutions. You see, the difference between a resolution and a resoLUKEion is resolutions, 95% of them tend to be broken by the third week in January, and people are just back to where they were prior to January. They're still stuck and given that this show is about becoming unstuck. A resoLUKEtion is something that you stick to, something that indeed you do change.

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But back on with the show, New Year's resolutions. So most people when the new year comes along they will have a resolution, and that resolution might be to stop smoking, or to lose weight, or to find the love of their life, or to get a new job, to start exercising. Insert whatever that thing is that you want to change. And we know, like we say, that most people scientifically, statistically have broken that resolution within three weeks, and are back to where they were before and they go on that hamster wheel, bingo, bango, boom for the rest of the year until they get motivated by the social pressure of a new year, new you.

How many times do hear that? New Year, new you bullshit out there. And we end up putting so much pressure on ourselves. It's January, it's the start of a new year, it's fresh and now I've got a change, I've got to transform, this is the only time I can do it. Put so much pressure on ourselves that inevitably most of us fall back to our old habitual patterns of learning. There's a fallacy out there that it takes 21 days to wire in a new behavior or a new habit. It's actually not true. As these new studies tell us, it takes potentially up to six weeks to three months to wire in habitually, meaning you're doing it as your new normal automatically without having to consciously be aware of it.

It can take anywhere from six weeks to three months to wire in that new normal, that new behavior. So you need to look at this as it, say, it's a life style change. And I always say to people if you're going to change, don't wait till the new year, don't wait till January 1st, do it now. Do it now because now is the absolute easiest it will be for you to change in the history of your whole life.

The best time to change would have been when you originally started to have that problem many weeks, months years ago. The second best time to make that change is right now. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year that passes you by it just ingrains the old behavior, the old behavior you wanna to get rid of, so it becomes even harder. So right now at this very moment, you're listening to this, it will never in the history of your life get any easier than right now to change that thing. So I don't care if you listening to this podcast in January when it was originally recorded, or if you're listening to it midyear or the end of the year, right now, it doesn't matter. Forget about new year, right now if there's something you've been putting off, if there's been some kind of procrastination, something you've been putting off that you know you need to do, now is the time. Now's the easiest time in the history of the world for you to make that change, to start to take those steps.

And what happens after awhile as you habitually do those new behaviors, whether that be working every day, following a certain way of eating, a certain way of thinking, a meditation practice each day, talking to the opposite sex or the same sex if you're looking to get into a relationship. Whatever it is but you're putting those little steps, those baby steps into practice each day. What starts to happen is a miraculous thing. After time as things start to happen I call The Streak. Now I don't mean you're gonna run around naked outside because you'll probably get arrested for that and that would not be a good idea, and you'd send me an angry message saying, "Luke, I did that streaking thing and I got arrested." No, not that kind of streak dumb ass.

The idea of the streak is doing a set of behaviors consistently each and every day until it becomes habitual. Where I originally got the concept of the streak from was I'm a big wrestling fan, and one of my favorite wrestlers is a wrestler called The Undertaker that I actually last month in New York and got a picture of him. And you may have heard of The Undertaker, you may have not. But the Undertaker, in the words of the Vince McMahon, the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment and quite frankly other than PT Barnum, the number one promoter of all time.

Vince McMahon said the Undertaker was the number one wrestler of all time. So that's quite a big accomplishment from a guy that's been the number one promoter in the world, potentially, for the last 35, 40 years. And The Undertaker, there's an event in wrestling called Wrestlemania. You may have heard about it. If not, if you're familiar with the World Cup in soccer, or football as the rest of the world calls it other than North America, it's wrestling version of the World Cup. If you've heard of the Super Bowl in American football, its wrestling's version at the Super Bowl, Wrestlemania. And The Undertaker went for 21 years, 21 different Wrestlemanias being undefeated.

And you might be like, "Yeah, but Luke, wrestling's all fake." Well, wrestling is predetermined, it's not fake. These guys get injured and they're on the road wrestling about 250 days a year. So it's not fake. It's predetermined, absolutely, they know who's gonna win, what's gonna happen. But these guys get injured, these guys are great athletes, they're great performers, so let's get rid of that word fake. The Undertaker went 21 years in wrestling at Wrestlemania without being defeated, and it's like to happen habitually, like it wasn't written into the program. For 21 years we're gonna have this guy called The Undertaker, we know he's gonna get over, he's gonna be a huge success and we're gonna keep pushing him.

No, it's just something that happened habitually that one of the writers for World Wrestling Entertainment after about five or six Wrestlemanias, they start to realize that we've never had the Undertaker lose at Wrestlemania, and then the fans kind of got abreast to this as well. And it took a, it took on a life of its own, art imitated life. That each year more than the main event of Wrestlemania, more than a spectacle Wrestlemania itself, the thing that became the streak, became the Undertaker streak, will this be the year that it will be broken? And for 21 years, or for 21 consecutive wasn't consecutive, actually, it was 21 Wrestlemanias over a period of time, the Undertaker went undefeated and it became the biggest thing in wrestling. Meaning more than any title, more than any main event.

And that's where I got the idea of the streak from. The idea of doing a behavior whether that be working out every day, whether that would be meditating every day, whether that be, when I was single, talking to a member of the opposite sex that I found attractive every single day. But every day, no matter how I felt, whether it was a good day, a bad day, whether I was sick or not sick, whether I had time or didn't have time, whether I got up late or whether I got up early, it did not matter. It was a certain things that I needed to do each and every day that I could tick off of this sheet, it's now on my phone, to let me know that that streak continued.

An example of this for me was working out is I've been flirting with working out most of my life, but I'd go for periods of time of working out, then a little bit of period of time where I wouldn't. But now I'm happy to report, it's probably been over, well, it's been well over two years, probably two and a half years now that I've worked out every single day. Has it been an incredibly intense workout every day? No. But I've worked out for a minimum of 20 minutes every day for the last two and a half years, and I guess that's a streak of, I don't know, over 900 days now, perhaps even longer than that.

And it's just wired into me now. No matter where I am in the world, whether I'm in New York City, whether I'm in London, whether I'm in Toronto, whether I get up early or late, whether I'm busy or not. No matter what the time is every single day no matter what, whether I have a gym or whether I have a 4x4 room I'm living in. I have to find a way to exercise for 15 minutes, excuse me, for 20 minutes. Whether that be doing shadowboxing, calisthenics, lifting weights, running, I'm doing some kind of cardio, yoga. But every single day I must do a form of exercise. And now the very thought of not doing that is brutal to me. To have a streak of, I don't know, 850, 900 days in that is brutal for me not to be able to do that, so that's, it's wired into me. I have to work out every single day, It's my new normal.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2.

Always Believe,
Toronto Hypnotist

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