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"How To Beat Up Your Emotions!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqxC3UIAnos&list=PLvJroAlwTE50O0kaZiM6aKdhOIduLxjpO&index=99 - HypnoPunk here and you see these negative emotions of anger, guilt, sadness and shame. What happens when you come and work with me? It's not softly, softly, "How did your weekend go?" We systematically start to take these emotions out, one by one. We take out anger,…
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Are You Addicted To Cocaine?

Are You Addicted To Cocaine? https://youtu.be/9aezYHSYJOQ How many times have you tried to quit Coke or cut down? And what happens? You might make it a few days a week, or even a few months, or even more but eventually get sucked back in. Then what happens? It always seems harder to resist more frequent,…
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Are You Addicted To Caffeine?

Are You Addicted To Caffeine? https://youtu.be/kHStJfUji5c Caffeine. The fact that you've experienced difficulties cutting back or ceasing caffeine indicates that you're not exercising control or choice. Over 80% of adults in North America use caffeine every single day. At what point in your life, did you consciously decide to consume caffeine every day and feel…
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