Hello, Luke, Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist & owner of Lukenosis.
Hypnosis here. I wanna introduce you to something today.
I call it shitnosis!
What is shitnosis?
Yes You did hear me right S-h-i- t- n- o -s- i- s.
Well, a lot of clients come to see me.

Whatever their problem is, maybe they've been anxiety in themselves so many years.
Maybe they've been depressing themselves so many years.
Maybe they've been addicting themselves
so many years or just feeling shitty quite frankly pun intended.
And I say, Luke, but I've never been hypnotized! And then they tell me to kind of shit they say to themselves inside their head,
Like I'm not good enough. I'll never lose weight. I'll never get my ideal partner.
I'll never get the kind of job that I want, have the kind of home that I want,
have the kind of relationship. that I want with my parents,
with my children. I'll never be successful in my career.
And I tell them, you've been doing hypnosis.

For many years, how long you had the problem? There like
Well, if I had the problem for 5 years, Luke or 10 years,
to which I say, we've been doing, hypnosis on yourself.
for that 5 or 10 years. But this is very specific form of hypnosis,
shitnosis. It's the one that makes you feel shitty about yourself that makes you feel unworthy,
unlovable, unsuccessful, ugly,
poor, financially or in your mental and emotional or intellectual state.

Tell people, when they come to see me, they've been doing hypnosis on themselves,
but it's been shitnosis.
And they just keep digging
and digging and getting further and further in the muck feeling worse and worse and worse.
So isn't about time you ended this shitnosis now!
I've already proved that you can be hypnotized by taking in these suggestions from yourself,
from society, from people around you that've been telling you you're not good enough,
that you'll never be a successful, that you'll never have the kind of money you want,
never have the kind of partner you want, never have the kind of body that you want.
Isn't it a time that you turn that shitnosis into some real hypnosis!

See, shitnosis is stuff that's going on around you,
but you're not aware you've been hypnotized. It's a bit like the matrix.
It's a bit like I don't know if you can see. It's a bit like taking the blue pill.
Alright? Not aware you're being hypnotized,
but you are being hypnotized. You're buying stuff you don't need.

How many of you have been up late one night and you've been watching an infomercial and suddenly,
like, I really need to buy that thing. Well, you've been on Instagram
and they've known exactly how to market to you.
Like, you suddenly need this special knife that will cut through a boot.
And if you buy it now, you'll get one for free.

Who needs a knife that cuts through a boot? but you know what I mean.
We've all bought stuff we didn't need. Shitnosis.
You're not good enough. That's what it's all about. It's been programmed into you.
for years and years and years. How about you take the red pill?
And by taking the red pill, I mean, you turn that shitnosis into hypnosis.
But now with the hypnosis, you start to have some control
and you can start to put in good suggestions in your mind like you are successful.
You can have the kind of job that you want the kind of partner that you want,
make kind of finances that you want. Have to kind of holidays that you dreamed of.

Have to kind of connections you want with your parents,
with your children. What about if you took control?
instead of shitnosis, it being done to you.

You start to be a conscious
and willing participant in the process of hypnosis
so you can start to undo all this shit that's been done for all the years and years.
Whether you've been cognizant of it or not.

It wasn't your fault, by the way,
you weren’t aware that you were being shitnotized up to this point.
But now I'm telling you you have been So now you have a choice.
Do you keep taking that proverbial blue pill?

Keep taking the shit? Think of your powerless to do anything about it?
because you've tried everything. Right? By the way,
no one's ever tried everything. If they had tried everything,
they wouldn't have the problem anymore.

or is it that time you harnessed this thing and you turn that shitnosis into hypnosis.
I put the kind of suggestions in your head in your head of the things that you want.
I can help you to do that. I can help you to help yourself to do that.

So if you're ready, turn your shitnosis into hypnosis and kind of well,
not kind of actually program your mind exactly the way you
want to have everything you want in your life
and to have the resilience to get through challenging times
because they probably will be challenging times.

This is life. And please do book your screening call below
and we'll get on the phone and I'll tell you how to help yourself.
Always Believe xXx

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