What’s Your 185?

What's Your 185?



Hello. I'm Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis,
hypnosis here. noticed an interesting pattern recently.
It's coming up to the summer,

and I'm having a lot of clients reach out to me to help them to release weights.
to lose weight using my gastric band hypnosis system and other skills.
And the interesting thing I noticed over the last couple of weeks I've had a handful of clients females
for disclosure,
contact me to lose weight,
to release weight, which is not too surprisingly given the time we were to start in summer.
Right?! However, what is really interesting is they all were a hundred and eighty five pounds.
Now, I didn't know one another as far as I know because they're from different places in the world.

However, when I asked him,
you know, how much you weighing right now the answer was one hundred and eighty five pounds.
And I'd ask him, well, how much do you wanna be?
And one one lady, it was one twenty five for another,
it was one thirty for one, it was one ten.

They're different goals to where they wanted to be. Different heights and so forth.
However, they were all the same weight,
a hundred and eighty five pounds. And I and I asked,
what was it about now? What was it about now?

That lets you know that you need to do something about this
once and for way reaching out to me to help you,
help yourself, why not when you were a hundred eighty pounds,
why not a hundred seventy five, hundred sixty five?
What is it about when eighty five. You know what they said to me?

It's the point now where I know this is this is the red stop sign that's coming up.
And this is my last time chance to turn this around.
because then the next step is two hundred.
So I don't know if it's the same with you. I don't know if
you're you're suffering with weight issues.

You wanna lose weight. Don't know if you're a female. Don't know if there's a male of them,
but I don't know if you're very experienced that. It's a certain number that you know that
when you get to that number,
it's like, no. All hands on deck, I've got to do something about it.
But it's just the interesting that I noticed for some some women that I've been working with,
it was a hundred and eighty five pounds. And for them,
again, at least five of them over the last week or so,
didn't know one other different parts of the world.

Yet in their brain, it was one eighty five,
which was, you know, one eighty five is the last chance get get off of this weight highway
because the next stop is is two hundred,
and that was their motivation. That was kind of like the last opportunity to get off,
like I said, the road or get off the train and do something,
but but one eighty five. So I wonder what what your one eighty five is.
I mean, if it's a weight that you want to lose,
what's your emergency like when you know when the scale goes up to this way?
It's like, I've got to do something other ways. There's no turning back.
if you're smoking too much, How many cigarettes,
is it you which is your equivalent to the one eighty five?

What is it if you're doing another addiction,
drinking alcohol, doing heroin, doing cocaine.
What is it for you that lets you know that when I get to this level,
That's my one eighty five, so to speak.
And I've got to do something about it. otherwise all bets are off,
and I am f’ed so to speak.
So tell me what your what your one eighty five is.
Be that weight below? Or or or specific to whatever is your need,
the thing that want to improve in your life. What is your one eighty five?
You're like, oh, god. It's here.
I've got to do something to get better, otherwise. There's no chance I've got do something.
I've gotta do something now. What's your one eighty five in whatever your affliction is?
Put your comments below. Be be interested to to find out.
and see this pattern tracks to to other problems,
other addictions that people have. Anyways,

I've been Luke Michael Howard
Always Believe xXx

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