Are You Addicted To Marijuana?

Are You Addicted To Marijuana?

Imagine what the effects of cannabis would be for someone who's never heard of it, who has never been brainwashed or warned into thinking about the effects and has never had the chance to build up a tolerance to them. Imagine if they were tricked in consuming large amounts and suddenly found themselves unable to think, move, see, or talk properly. Do you think that that would be pleasant? I mean, of course not.

So let's return to the pilot analogy one last time. Imagine you're a passenger on a flight, free fog, watching the pilot smoke a big fat doobie. Would that reassure you or scare the living daylights out of you? So why is it okay for you yourself when you're the pilot of your own plane? Become drug-free today with hypnosis. Book your no-cost screening call on the link below and become free.

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