Bullets & Bullet Wounds Why The Problem Is Never Really The Problem


Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and

owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis here. And today

I want to talk a little bit about bullet wounds

and band aids and bear with me for a moment. Oftentimes

clients will come to me and they will come to

me in a symptom problematic state. What I mean

by that is they come to me cuz Luke. I have anxiety.

Every time I speak to a pretty girl or a handsome

man, I have this thing called anxiety. Luke

I have this chronic allergy that whenever I'm

around my boyfriend or my girlfriend's cat,

this allergy comes out of nowhere. Luke, whenever

I see food, I'm OK. But whenever I go past McDonald's

or Burger World or Starbucks, I need copious

amounts of carbohydrate. I just have this urge

to over eat Luke. Whenever I feel really, really

stressed, I need to pick up a cigarette and smoke

my lungs out. So they come to me and they want me.

It was seemingly obvious to help them to quit

smoking, the smoker to quit overeating, the

overeater to quit having the allergy. Yes,

hypnosis is very, very well. Works very well

with people with allergies as well. There's

some videos on my YouTube that show me working

with someone to remove a cat allergy and all

those kinds of things. But they're just triggers,

right? They're just triggers. So if the client

comes to me, and it would seem rightfully so,

like Luke, I want you to help me to quit smoking. Really.

What that's like, that's all that we did is I

helped the smoker quit smoking. It's a bit like

put in one of these, a Band-Aid on one of these.

A bullet wound, right. Put the Band-Aid on the

bullet wound and the anxiety persons. Oh, Luke,

please just stop making me feel anxious when

I'm around the trigger. Pretty girl, pretty

boy, handsome boy. If I have to give a talk at work.

So you get another Band-Aid, right? And you

put that on another bullet wound and it's going

to stop it from bleeding out temporarily. Oh,

Luke, you know, what is this smoke? I don't have

a problem at all. It's just. But this smoking malarkey.

Yeah, just just help me to quit smoking. I just

put a Band-Aid on that. Yeah. Should we put a

Band-Aid on that? Stop that sucker bleed now.

Oh, Luke, you know what? I just, I just, I just

have to over

overindulge in this negative pattern that

I've got going on this OCD obsessive Compulsive

Disorder disorder. If you just tell me to deal

with that and remind me where every time I need

to leave the house, I need to touch the door 15

times and turn around 16 before I exit. And when

I exit, I just need to wipe my feet outside 31

times in order to leave the building. Can you

help me to do that? Let's do that. Let's put a

Band-Aid on another bullet wound there, right,

right there. So all those band aids do

is they work temporarily. All right. So if you

take medication, for example, because you're

allergic to cats, it puts a Band-Aid on the bullet

would it stops the bleeding out, so to speak

in the moment. If I hit the try someone, and I

think it's just to quit smoking and that's all

we deal with, we'll stop the bleed now or for

a little bit for a moment, the the the the the

person who has the obsessive thoughts, you

know, instead of wiping their feet 15 times,

they wipe their feet Now 14 times putting on

a Band-Aid stops the bleeding out temporarily.

But here's the problem. The problem is never the problem.

The reason anyone comes to see me is never the

reason they come to see me. Yeah, the thing,

the thing that caused us to pick up the phone

and fill out the questionnaire and spend an

hour for free on what we call screening call

with me is because that symptom was there, that

that trigger was there, right. But if all that

I did is the thing that they thought that they

needed stopping the smoking and that's it,

stopping the overeating and nothing else changes.

Stopping the allergy and nothing else. And

really, it's just about putting a Band-Aid

on a bullet wound, meaning in the moment it stops

the bleeding, they get a result. However, the

problem is, as long as that bullet's still in there,

it don't matter how many band aids that you start

to put on, as long as that bullet's still in there,

it still has a highly likely situation that

it's going to turn septic. And if it doesn't

come back that problem in the way that it did

originally, it will come back as something

even worse in the future. The person who overeat,

maybe now they over drink. The person who over

drink, maybe now they over cocaine. Maybe the

person who's doing cocaine now does too much

heroin because we put the Band-Aid on the bullet wound.

The problem's never the problem. You see, the

problem is just a symptom. We need to get below that problem.

If we help clients. If I help clients, when I

help clients, when I help you to clean up that

stuff, clean up that wound the process underneath

the over smoking, the problem, the overeating,

the problem, the OCD, the allergy for cats.

Whatever it is, once we clean up what's underneath

it, it's essentially like pulling the bullet

out of you. Pulling out metaphorically, the

bullet from your head or, you know, physically

pulling the bullet out of your torso and then

stitching you up. And yet it might be uncomfortable



00:05:36,429 --> 00:05:39,670

for a few days but then you're as right as rain



00:05:39,670 --> 00:05:41,950

because everything's healed up. That foreign



00:05:41,950 --> 00:05:45,269

body, that foreign objects been removed from your body.



00:05:45,750 --> 00:05:48,029

And then you never have to worry about, oh, what



00:05:48,029 --> 00:05:50,109

happens in a few weeks from now when I'm at that



00:05:50,109 --> 00:05:52,269

party, Will I overeat? What happens when I hang



00:05:52,269 --> 00:05:53,709

out with my friends from school that I haven't



00:05:53,709 --> 00:05:56,230

seen for a long time and we we always over drink?



00:05:56,230 --> 00:05:59,500

Will I over drink? What if I go back and see my



00:05:59,500 --> 00:06:02,220

parents and the only way I bond with my dad is



00:06:02,220 --> 00:06:04,940

we smoke and now you've helped me to quit smoking.



00:06:04,940 --> 00:06:07,980

But what happens then? Well, it doesn't matter



00:06:08,019 --> 00:06:10,260

if the people in your life that you love and careful



00:06:10,540 --> 00:06:13,380

continue to smoke or continue to drink or whatever



00:06:13,380 --> 00:06:15,339

the problem is, it doesn't matter for you anymore



00:06:15,940 --> 00:06:18,140

because we haven't put a Band-Aid anymore.



00:06:18,899 --> 00:06:22,660

We've taken those band aids off and we've removed



00:06:23,540 --> 00:06:27,019

the bullet once and for so we can't come back.



00:06:27,489 --> 00:06:31,649

Not only can't the problem come back in the way



00:06:31,649 --> 00:06:35,690

it showed up the first time, the alcohol, the



00:06:35,809 --> 00:06:38,970

allergy, the chronic pain, the chronic anxiety,



00:06:39,649 --> 00:06:41,609

the trauma in the brain, it can't come back as



00:06:41,609 --> 00:06:45,130

anything else anymore because it's gone. It's



00:06:45,130 --> 00:06:48,290

gone totally and completely so often times



00:06:48,290 --> 00:06:50,290

in psychotherapy and counseling and other



00:06:50,290 --> 00:06:52,799

forms of therapy, by the way, it's not what I do.



00:06:53,000 --> 00:06:55,160

I mean, the change work business therapy implies



00:06:55,160 --> 00:06:57,440

that somebody is fucked up and broken. I don't



00:06:57,440 --> 00:06:59,559

believe any of my clients fucked up or broken.



00:06:59,760 --> 00:07:01,559

I just mean they got blocked up somewhere along



00:07:01,559 --> 00:07:04,799

the way and no one ever told them that to come unblocked.



00:07:04,799 --> 00:07:07,279

And that's what I do, is I come in almost like



00:07:07,279 --> 00:07:09,760

an emotional plumber, if you will, and help



00:07:09,760 --> 00:07:12,600

them to become unblocked. And once they know



00:07:12,600 --> 00:07:14,279

that way, that problem never comes back again.



00:07:14,559 --> 00:07:16,079

Does that mean they have a perfect life? Well,



00:07:16,079 --> 00:07:18,549

it'd be great if they did. But but life is life



00:07:18,549 --> 00:07:20,390

and it is fraught with challenges. But it just



00:07:20,390 --> 00:07:22,709

means that thing that we dealt with in the session,



00:07:22,709 --> 00:07:25,709

once we remove the bullet, that particular



00:07:25,709 --> 00:07:27,910

problem doesn't come back anymore because it's done.



00:07:27,910 --> 00:07:30,269

It doesn't take years of psychotherapy. It



00:07:30,269 --> 00:07:33,750

doesn't take years of trauma revisiting over



00:07:33,750 --> 00:07:38,510

and over and over again. And we come in, we remove



00:07:38,510 --> 00:07:41,700

the fucking bullet, we stitch you up and then



00:07:41,700 --> 00:07:44,700

you go on your merry way. So one of the best things



00:07:44,940 --> 00:07:47,820

I lovingly, politely say to my clients is when



00:07:47,820 --> 00:07:49,739

we've done our work together, usually no more



00:07:49,739 --> 00:07:52,500

than three sessions is I hope I never fucking



00:07:52,500 --> 00:07:55,420

see you again with a big shit eating smile on my face.



00:07:55,899 --> 00:07:57,500

And they know me and they smile back because



00:07:57,500 --> 00:07:58,940

they know it came from a good place. And they're



00:07:58,940 --> 00:08:01,140

like, Luke, I hope I never fucking see you again,



00:08:01,140 --> 00:08:04,059

but thank you for helping me take control of



00:08:04,059 --> 00:08:07,459

my life and changing it so the problem is never the problem.



00:08:08,010 --> 00:08:10,929

Don't just think by covering up the bullet with



00:08:10,929 --> 00:08:13,250

a Band-Aid that temporarily gives you some



00:08:13,250 --> 00:08:16,170

relief that fixes it. You've got to get right



00:08:16,170 --> 00:08:19,890

in there and pull it out. And it might be temporarily uncomfortable.



00:08:20,450 --> 00:08:22,730

It might be temporarily really intense and



00:08:22,730 --> 00:08:24,410

uncomfortable emotionally,



00:08:26,059 --> 00:08:29,899

but that sure beats years and years and years



00:08:29,899 --> 00:08:33,059

and years and years and just having that discomfort



00:08:33,059 --> 00:08:36,260

and that pain and that suffering. It's always



00:08:36,260 --> 00:08:37,900

there in the background.



00:08:39,580 --> 00:08:42,700

Should never put a Band-Aid on the bullet wound.



00:08:43,659 --> 00:08:45,659

Pull the fucking bullet out. Go to someone that



00:08:45,659 --> 00:08:47,340

can help you to pull out. Go to someone that will



00:08:47,340 --> 00:08:49,500

pull out with your permission so you can heal



00:08:49,500 --> 00:08:53,419

up and be whole. If you want that bullet to be



00:08:53,419 --> 00:08:57,099

removed from your mind or your body, metaphorically,



00:08:57,539 --> 00:08:59,580

then book your free screening call. You'll see



00:08:59,580 --> 00:09:02,979

a link either above me or below me here. Fill



00:09:02,979 --> 00:09:04,979

out the form, watch your short little video,



00:09:05,140 --> 00:09:06,900

and choose a time when we're both available.



00:09:06,900 --> 00:09:08,900

So when you get on the telephone and have a little



00:09:08,900 --> 00:09:11,419

chat about healing you up and helping you make



00:09:11,419 --> 00:09:13,900

the rest of your life the best of your life. I've



00:09:13,900 --> 00:09:16,059

been Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist

and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis always believe xXx


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