Has Your Drinking Become A Habit?

Has Your Drinking Become A Habit?

Are you drinking too much during lockdown?

Are you drinking because you’re worried?

Maybe your drinking has become a (bold) habit?

Whether you want to be alcohol-free
or just want to reduce your consumption

Hypnosis can help

Many drink alcohol to relax

BUT if you answer YES! to any of the following

alcohol may be a problem!

Does drink cause issues with your relationships?

Your weight?

Your health?

Is your drinking out of control?

If drinking has become a habit, recognize that this is merely a mental “pro-gram”

You have programmed yourself to drink alcohol in just the same way that you have programmed yourself to ride a bicycle.

Hypnosis is effective in dealing with alcohol problems

Hypnosis will identify those areas and aspects of your life that require at-tention and modification
it will enable you to adapt, change
and to consider alcohol in a new way
With the help of hypnosis
you will no longer consider alcohol essential to relaxation
rely on it as a crutch
or use it as a coping mechanism
Hypnosis will enable you to
Take back control!
Feel fitter,
so that you can live your life to the full again!

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