How To Be A Successful Hypnosis Client

How To Be A Successful Hypnosis Client

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Hello, Luke Michael Howard, Clinical hypnotist

and change worker from Lukenosis Hypnosis.

I'm often asked Luke, what's the number one

quality I need as a potential client to work

with you to be successful? And potential clients

and clients will say to me, Luke, is it that I

need to be super smart? No. Luke, is it that I

need to be really, really dumb for this stuff

to work? Absolutely not. Luke. Is it that I need

to believe in some kind of spirituality? No.

Luke, is it that I need to believe in this thing

called hypnosis that I'm not quite sure what

it is, but I've seen it in the Hollywood movies

and it seems a bit hokey. No, it's none of those things.

The number one quality that I look for when accepting

potential client onto one of my programs is this.

It's really, really, really simple. But it's

so simple that it goes over most people's head

and it's this. Can you follow instructions?

That's it. Can you follow simple instructions

that I'm going to spoon feed you?

And I don't mean to be what's the word I'm looking

for facetious when I say this, but often times

when people reach out to me, they haven't watched

the little one minute video that explains the process.

They haven't read an e-mail that would take

30 seconds for them to have any understanding.

When they filled out the questionnaire, they've

ticked boxes, but they actually haven't read

the things in the boxes. So then when we get on

the telephone, they ask me questions and I say,

well, I've already answered that. And I know

that you've already heard my answer because

you ticked the box on the questionnaire in order

for the questionnaire to get to me in order for

us to be on this initial screening call. So you

had to have done that and they claim to have no

memory of such things. So #1 quality is is simply

following instructions is The common sense

is I've been doing this a long time. I've been

doing this for 25 years now. I know the simplest

way to lay it out there to get you from where you

are right now to you and I on the telephone to

you and I eventually over zoom me helping you.

Helping you to find the skills, to find the tools

to heal yourself over whatever your affliction is.

And it's really, really simple. Number one

is you book the screening call if you need help

and there will be a link underneath this video

or above me right here and it will say book your

free screening call here. This is the next step. Right.

And then you click on it and and and people will

be like, well, well, Luke, can you, can we just,

can you just answer a couple questions that

we're going to answer the questions on the screening call.

All right. I've done thousands of these probably

25 years, close to 25 years, close to 10,000 of these.

It's laid out in a very specific way. You got

to follow the way that it's laid out just in the

same way that a successful doctor

will work with you just as a way that a successful

surgeon will work with you. Just like a successful

lawyer will work with you, there's a certain

way that these professionals work, and they've

been working for many, many years. And if you've

heard about them, and if you've actually come

to them for help, the odds are that you've heard

about them as well. So it's worked whatever

they've done. So just follow the simple instructions

and the first, Don't worry about the next 10 steps.

Just the next step is click on the Screening

Call tab, which will be below me. Or maybe it

will be above me. It will say click here for your

screening call and you click there. That's

the next step. That's all you need to do. That's

the next thing. You don't need to be 10 steps

into the future with 10 million questions.

We'll get to that. But right now the next step

is really, really simple. You just click on

the screening call. Then you watch a one minute video.

You fill out a quick questionnaire so I know

what you're coming in about, what we're going

to talk about over the telephone. And then you

choose a time that you and I can speak uninterrupted

for an hour. Okay, That's it. And every single

question you have will be answered on that screening call

probably before you even ask me because

like I said, I've been doing this to all for almost

25 years now and I've probably done close to

10,000 of these. So every kind of question that

you can come up with, the likelihood of me already

hearing it and answering it is extremely high. And I.

The likelihood is I've built it into the screening

call, so I'm probably highly likely going to

answer it before you even ask it. And in the rare

exception that I don't, then at the end you're

going to have all the time you need to ask me any

questions to get clarity. But right now, forget

about all that. Forget about it all.

If you need help, the next step, just think about

the next step is click. On the tab that says screening

call above me or below me or is on every page

on my website. That's it. That's the next step.

And then once you do that, there'll be another

step till we got on the phone again, step by step,

spoon feeding you till we can get on the phone.

So don't overcomplicate it. Don't be like,

oh would this work for me? It will work for you

if you follow instructions. If you can't follow

instructions then nothing's ever going to

work for you. If you've been watching this video

this far, I imagine that you are a person of high

intelligence that gets that. So understanding

that now, if you need some help, and if you're

wondering what it takes to be successful, that

is the single one quality I look for. Can you

follow simple instructions, the instructions

of which will get you on the call with me so we

can have a chat before we ever work together?

I'll know by the steps that you've taken to get

to me on the screening call with a high Percentage.

If you and I are going to be successful working

together before I've even heard your voice,

yes, I've been doing it that long. I know it's

a bold claim. But again, I've done this with

close to 10,000 people. So I get to profile people

and not just actually chatting with them, but

their communications from the very first e-mail,

what they tell me, what they don't tell me, if

they are following the steps or if they're trying

to derail the process to get them on the free

screening call. I've seen it all before. I want

to make it as smooth, as easy and as elegant for

you and I to chat on the phone to see if I can help

you heal yourself with whatever your affliction is.

So next step, book the screening call link above

me or below me, and then we'll go from there.

Thank you for watching this video. I've been

Luke Michael Howard,

Owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis.


Always Believe xXx




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