Mindset Monday #1


Hello. I'm Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of LUKEnosis Hypnosis, here starting a new video series for you each and every Monday called "Mindset Monday."

It's a minute of information on how to improve your mindset each Monday, and today's technique is simply this. Whenever you're having a thought, whether that be a craving to indulge in something that is destructive to you, or some kind of negative thought that's ruminating inside your head, ask yourself the question.

Well, actually tell yourself the statement: I'm having the thought that I need that food, I'm having the thought I need to be panicked in this situation, I'm having the thought that I need to be sad in this situation. By simply adding that sentence "I'm having the thought" and then the problem after it, it helps you to dissociate from the problem, and separating yourself from the thought because you're more than your thoughts.

Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard Clinical Hypnotist

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