"Learning From Your Past!"

HypnoPunk here and today
is all about history.
I'm on the hallowed grounds
of Harvard University here
in a historical city of Boston.
On the very stage where people
like Oprah, Mother Teresa
and Yo-Yo Ma have spoken.
This day I stand on this very
stage to talk about history
See, we all have history,
but the problem is
most of us don't learn from
it and we stay stuck in it
and that's the problem with
history is when we stay stuck,
we don't go forward.
See, the key to history
is actually learning
from our history so we
can learn ourselves,
teach ourselves and other people out there
to prevent us from making the
same mistakes that we have,
because the purpose is to go forward,
is to learn, is to move.

Always Believe,


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