Mindset Monday #12

"Be Excited!"

It's the Hypnopunk Luke Michael Howard here from LUKEnosis Hypnosis with your Mindset Monday. Today is about being excited. What are you excited about in your life? See from a young age for whatever reason, I didn't like the word being happy. When anyone would ask me, "What's happiness to you? Are you happy?"

I tried to think of what happiness is to myself. And you know what I use, what I realized what happiness was for me was that word didn't resonate with me. But the word "excited" resonated with me. When I thought about my life and I'd think about the kind of things that I wanted and I'd envision what I'd want in my life.

It would make me excited and I realized that was my word for happiness. So what about your word for happiness? Is it happiness? Is it excited? Is it being excited, and what could you be excited about in your life today if you really were to resonate it?

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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