Mindset Monday #21

"The Real Test!"

Hello. It's Luke Michael Howard AKA the Hypnopunk from Lukenosis Hypnosis here with your Mindset Monday.

It is Christmas Eve today. The time where we'll be spending a lot of time with perhaps our families, perhaps close friends, partners, and it could be a lovely one full-time.

It could also could be a potential pressure cooker where no matter how much you think you may have changed over the last year, you're put back in that same environment and being around triggers, perhaps like your parents, loved ones, siblings, partners, old friends.

It can revert you, try to revert you back to your old behaviors, thinking that you haven't changed at all when actually, that's the best test to your personal development and your shifts that you've made is being around old people that perhaps you can't leave behind and having them try to trigger you and you showing that you have changed by no longer being triggered by those same things.

So take time. Remember, you have changed, no matter what the environment.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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