Mindset Monday #3


Hello, Luke Michael Howard aka HypnoPunk of LUKEnosis Hypnosis with your Mindset Monday.

Today is about fear. What are you scared of? What phobias do you have? What gives you the jitters in a bad way before you do it?

Understand this, when you're born, you're born with two fears, only two fears. That's the sound of loud sounds and it's the fear of falling, it's hardwired into neurology.

Everything else is just gathered, is just nurtured through society, through our parents, through schooling, through friendships.

It's stuff that just happens because we're all plugged into this thing called the matrix. Understand that you can unlearn all the stuff that you learned through nurture about fear and you can become fearless and live a bulletproof life.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist


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