Mindset Monday #38


What's mindtox? Well, it's a way to detox your mind in the same way you might detox your body from some foreign substance that you no longer want to be part of you.

But how do you detox your mind? Well, there's a few ways. What negative emotions, what limiting decisions are running through your mind, running through your neurology that cause you to think bad things, do bad things, have, potentially, obsessive thoughts? What thoughts, what thought patterns, what emotions do you need to abstain from in order to have more freedom?

What thoughts, what feelings, what emotions, what behaviors do you need to get space from to give them a timeout so your body can re-calibrate, and more importantly, your mind can re-calibrate, realign in such a way that supports your future visions? Is it negative ways you think about yourself, negative filters that you see the world through? Identify what they are and set yourself 30 days to be without them.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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