Mindset Monday #45


How  become the F.T.W. champion in your own life. Now you see I've got a belt. You may not have your belt. I've got this custom made somewhere. It means that I am the "fuck the world" champion. Where do you, yes you, need to be the "fuck the world" champion in your life? Where do you need to tell someone to fuck off, get out of your way so you can grab the path that you want? Where do you have to tell someone they're either with you or they're against you? They're either patting you on the back, or they got to stop stabbing you in the back. Where in your life do you have to claim your own version of this F.T.W. title so you can have the path that you want and be unstoppable with ruthless aggression?

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Hypnotist

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