Mindset Monday #47

"Is It Okay To Shake?"

Luke Michael Howard, AKA the HypnoPunk, here with another episode of Mindset Monday. Today is all about TRE, Tremor Release Exercises. Just recently did a course on this. Interesting thing is, is when we were cavemen or women and we were attacked by prey, once the prey was away, so to speak, that rhymes, we would shake and it would shake the trauma out of us, because we didn't have things like PTSD or anxiety then.

Animals in the wild, when they're attacked, once the attacker is gone - the lion, the tiger, the bear - as long is the animal's still alive, it will generally shake away tremor, and then will go about its business. Now, somewhere along the line, we forgot to do this as humans. We think tremoring is bad, it portrays part of us that says we're fearful or anxious. When actually tremoring, shaking is part of the process to let go of past trauma. So shake it, is good. Always believe. Lukenosis.

Luke Michael Howard, Clinical Ottawa Hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis. I help people solve problems they believe are unsolvable. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. Now, I've worked for governments and celebrities, but also for people who've fallen through the cracks. The people that have nowhere else to turn and they're at their last resort. My mission is to prove that nobody is beyond help. Now, I have a particular set of skills.

Skills that make me a nightmare for your problems. I specialize in helping people overcoming anxiety, eliminate addiction, release weight, and alleviate pain. If you have a problem that you've been told is unfixable and you've lost all hope, contact me for a screening call. I can fix you.

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Ottawa Hypnotist

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