Mindset Monday #50

"How To Stoke Your Fire!"

HypnoPunk, aka Luke Michael Howard, or Lukenosis Hypnosis, here with your Mindset Monday. Today is all about this thing. What? Fire. What fire do you have inside of you? What fire fuels a passion deep inside of you? See, people used to tease me when I was growing up. I had this passion for wrestling, that I knew wrestlers' real names and their places of origin. It's like, "You know all this about wrestlers. Why do you know all this useless information, why are you so passionate about that?" And to which I would answer these people, "Well, maybe it's time that you found something that you were totally passionate about in your life that would get you up early in the morning, would make you forget about your working-for-a-living because you're investing so much."

What's your passion? What's your fire in your life that when you've got nothing left in the tank that will keep you going on, will keep fueling you, because your heart, your body, your mind, your soul, is in alignment? What's your fire? What's your passion?

Luke Michael Howard, Clinical Hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis. I help people solve problems they believe are unsolvable. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. Now, I've worked for governments and celebrities, but also for people who have fallen through the cracks, the people that have nowhere else to turn, and they're at their last resort. And my mission is to prove that nobody is beyond help. Now, I have a particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for your problems. I specialize in helping people overcome anxiety, eliminate addiction, release weight, and alleviate pain. If you have a problem that you've been told is unfixable and you've lost all hope, contact me for a screening call. I can fix you.

If you want to have a quick FREE chat with me to see if I can help, reply to this msg with "Help Me!" or you can schedule something here; http://Lukenosis.com/screeningcall/

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Ottawa Hypnotist

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