Mindset Monday #69

How To Spend A Fcuk!

HypnoPunk here with your Mindset Monday. Today is about how many fucks do you have to give every day.

Clients come into my office, and they care too much about things they shouldn't care about. And I ask them, "How many fucks do you want to give each day, hypothetically?" They'll often say, "Three." Sometimes they'll go as many as five.

So if my client has three fucks to give a day, I get them to put three fuck coins in their left pocket. Something happens, they're going through life, and they choose themselves, on that day, "Do I want to give a fuck about that thing?" They say, "Yes." They take a coin from their left pocket to the right pocket. Something else happens, "Do I want to give a fuck about that? No." Something else happens, "Do I want to give a fuck? Yeah, I'm going to use one of my valuable fuck coins for that."

They transfer it from left to right. And then something else happens later on in the day and they've only got one more fuck to give, so they have to use it sparingly. "Do I really want to give one last fuck about that?" And if they say, "Yes," they put it into their pocket. Then they're out of fucks to give that day. How many fucks should you give a day? Lukenosis Hypnosis, always believe.

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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