Mindset Monday #74

Why Use A Sauna?

Luke Michael Howard, a.k.a. the Hypnopunk here with your Mindset Monday. As you can see, I'm a little red-faced.

I'm in a cabin here. I'm actually in a sauna, see? This beautiful sauna right here.

Why do I do saunas? Saunas are a great way to clean all the impurities out of your body.

If you drink, I don't, it's a good way of getting rid of alcohol from your body. If you've got excess medication that's accumulating in your DNA, in your cells over the years that may be causing a problem, helps to eliminate that as well.

Helps with blood flow. Helps with normalizing your metabolism. And really getting used to something being uncomfortable getting in the topic of things about being in your body.

When I do a sauna, it helps me be in my body, not so much in my head. I don't like heat.

Although I'm a heat seeking missile, it gets me used to that. So where in life do you need to make yourself uncomfortable in order to get to the next level? 

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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