Mindset Monday #77

You Deserve The Best!

Luke Michael Howard, a.k.a. the HypnoPunk

of Lukenosis Hypnosis here,

And when choosing a hypnotist,

you have to be very

careful because hypnotists

and change workers are a dime a dozen.

You'll find one on any street

corner, but ask yourself,

when you're going to

allow someone to go deep

into your unconscious mind there,

do you want to go to any old

hypnotist or change worker

or do you want to go to

someone with authenticity,

someone with credibility,

somebody with history like

here, Harvard, here today.

You go to any old college or

university and get a diploma

or a degree, but when you come to Harvard,

when you come right here,

you come to a place that's world renowned.

When you say you've been to Harvard,

you're the creme de la

creme, the cream of the crop,

so when you're looking

for a change worker,

when you're looking for someone to work

deep inside your inner mind

to help you make those shifts,

come to the Harvard of

hypnosis and change workers.

Invest in yourself, invest in your future,

because you deserve it.

If you want to have a FREE chat with me to see if I can help,  you can schedule something here; http://Lukenosis.com/screeningcall/

Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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