Mindset Monday #80

Here's Why You Can't Be Fixed!

HypnoPunk here in the Florida Everglades, and when I'm here, it reminds me of sometimes when clients come to see you, they come in a position where they've literally gone overboard, and they are floating around there with some kind of problem.
And I'm there and I'm reaching out to grab them to pull them to shore, to pull them to safety.
But as I'm doing that, they slap my hand away, and they're like, "Oh, but I'm not ready to change." And I go and grab it again, they smack my hand away, "But what if it's scary change?" And I reach in again, "And what if my life is going to be uncomfortable, even if it's better?" And they slap the hand away.
As I reach in there to pull it out, they're making it more and more difficult until eventually, they could slap the hand away and there's no one to save them in life.
So when someone reaches out with that hand to come and help you save yourself, stop with that slapping away, and slap yourself into that hand and be pulled to shore and pulled to safety.
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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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