The Devil Knocking At Your Door!

What is that? That's the devil knocking at your door and the devil's going to knock at your door multiple times in your life.

It's there to test you. To test your strength, to test your courage.

So when the devil does come and knock on your door, you have to be a warrior.

You have to be a samurai.

You have to be a viking and you have to have the ability to face it because if you try and blur it away and blunt it out by too much food, drugs, sex, internet, social media, it's going to keep coming back louder and louder and louder and stronger and stronger and stronger.

So you have to know within yourself that you are a strong person.

If you've been doing weak things, how do you become strong?

You have to be a strong person.

So your choice is when that devil knocks at you your door do you bolt it and do you run?

Or do you open up that door and say "Lets go?"

The choice is yours!

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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