Dr Vs Surgeon?

HypnoPunk here. And the question is what's the difference between a general doctor, a family doctor and a surgeon.

You see, oftentimes I get a phone call where people have gone to their family doctor. They've gone to the counselor, psychotherapist, perhaps seen these people from up to 600 sessions to get some change, long change.

The model that I use to change people is very similar to that of being a surgeon. Like someone you'd meet at Toronto General Hospital.

You've seen a surgeon perhaps once, perhaps twice. Well you'd go in, they will do the surgery, they will cut out the lump or that tumor, and a few months later you might see them again.

So they just make sure you are healing correctly and they would patch you up, take the stitches out. That's the model I use in Change Work, which is a couple of sessions, rapid, fast, permanent work versus long drawn out work. Which one do you want?

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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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