"You've Been Framed!"

HypnoPunk here. Today, I want to talk about responding versus reacting. Oftentimes, we react and we overreact to life and we under-respond. So, I want to give you this analogy.
If you think about this frame as how you interact with the world, and within this frame is how you respond to the world, and as long as you stay within it, it's the appropriate level.
Now, as soon as you start to get angry with something, you start to reach the top of that boundary,  and you start to overreact to something.
And if you allow the world to stomp  all over your boundaries, you start to come below it,  and you start to under-react to something.
You allowed yourself to be bullied or a victim to somebody,  but as long as you stay within that frame,  and you put forward your boundaries and you enforce them, 0 that's where real empowerment comes.
So, look to respond rather than react!
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Always Believe,
Luke Michael Howard
Clinical Toronto Hypnosis

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